YouTube TV abroad outside the USA

How to get access to an watch YouTube TV outside the United States?

The YouTube TV is one of the coolest way to watch American TV channels online. But, how can you get access to YouTube TV abroad? And how can you actually watch YouTube TV outside the US? It was in the end of February 2016 that YouTube announced that YouTube TV would be launched within a Read More

fubo tv on chromecast

Can I watch Fubo TV on my Chromecast (abroad)?

Fubo TV is on the move and it is the number one streaming service for European football. But, is it possible to watch Fubo TV on Chromecast (abroad)? Since February 2017 you can stream and watch English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Champions League and lots of other goodies from the football world on Fubo TV. Read More

US VISA Card in Europe

How to get an American VISA Card in Europe?

Would you like to get an American VISA Card even though you live in Europe? Do you need an American VISA card to pay for services in the United States? You might have different reasons for wanting to get an American VISA card while in Europe. We have looked for different solutions for a long Read More