How to watch HBO Now overseas? (updated August 2017)

HBO Now onlineHBO Now is the new online service from HBO giving people from all across the world the chance to watch HBO programs and films online. It is not supposed to be for people all across the globe, only for people in the USA, but here we will tell you how to watch HBO Now online from all across the world.

HBO Now was made available in April 2014, but unfortunately only to Apple users. However in July 2015 this changed, and we have now updated this article, so as you read on you will find out how to watch HBO Now not only using your Apple ID, but you will also find out how to watch HBO Now all across the globe in Windows and on Android systems.

Watch HBO Now using your Apple ID

The first problem you may face is that you enter the Apple Store and search for HBO Now, but you do not seem to find the application itself. What is the problem?

If you can not find the HBO Now application!

If you can not locate the HBO Now application the problem is that your Apple ID is connected with an Apple Store in another country (that is, not in the USA). To fix this you will need to enter Settings – iTunes & App Store and press on your Apple ID. First, you need to View your Apple ID and once there you press the Country/Region settings and then you Change Country or Region settings. If you have trouble getting a US Apple ID, follow these instructions.

As you change the nation you choose US as your nation and then you type an address. You can, for example, use the following:

  • Address: 525 Lexington Ave
  • Postal code: 10017
  • City: New York
  • State: NY
  • Telephone: 321 – 321 – 4578

Now that you have the HBO Now application!

Once you have added these settings you can visit the Apple Store again and now you will be able to find the HBO Now application. You are now half the way to success but now comes the most important part, because for this to work you will need an American IP address since HBO Now is only available to people located in the United States. To get an American IP address we recommend using the VPN services of HideMyAss, a service that will give you an American IP address easily.HideMyAss

Press the button above and sign up for their services. Once you have signed up, download the PureVPN application from the Apple Store. Enter your username and password in the app. Start the application and connect to a server in the United States. When this is done, you will have an American IP address, and you are ready to watch HBO Now online. Start the HBO Now application and start your free HBO Now trial as you register. You can now enjoy films, movies and other cool stuff on HBO Now on your iPhone, iPad or iBook from wherever you are in the world.

Here you can see screenshots made by us as we are watching True Detective season 2 on iPhone from Europe.

HBO Now in Europe
True Detective on HBO Now
Watching HBO Now online
And yes, HBO Now support subtitles, something NOW TV does not have!

Watch HBO Now in Windows

To watch HBO Now in Windows you will simply need to get yourself an American IP address, and yes again the solution is HideMyAss. It is much easier really than with Apple, because you do not need to download a single client, but you just connect to a server in the USA with PureVPN, restart your browser and then you visit HBO Now. You are then ready to sign up and watch all the content available on HBO Now in Windows.PureVPN

Watch HBO Now on Android (4.2+)

If you can not find the HBO Now application in Google Play Store, it is most likely because you are outside the United States, but even more important or because your Google account is registered in another country. To fix this, there are two options:

  • Register a new Google account, and make the USA your country.
  • Download the .apk file for HBO Now manually and install it on your Android device. It can be downloaded from here. As you install it you will have to allow programs from unknown sources to be installed.

Once you have downloaded the application it is time to open it and sign up for a new account or use your existing account. You are now ready to watch and have fun as you enjoy HBO Now on your Android device.

We hope you have found this article useful, and if you want more information on HBO Now, information about new films and TV series added and so on, we can warmly recommend the following site.

If you have questions concerning watching HBO Now online, or maybe you want to share your experience, just write a comment. We would love to hear from you and help you with any problems you might have! If you want to know more about how you can watch other TV channels online, click the link.

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