How to watch my Netflix account from abroad? (updated June 2017)

Netflix is one of the most popular videoservices online offering their users the chance to watch popular and hot TV shows and films online. For a set fee every month you can watch unlimited amount of programs and films. The only problem is when you go on a vacation and want to watch your home  Netflix from abroad, then you will get some problem.

If you go abroad and want to watch your Netflix account from another nation then you will be surprised to notice that when you visit France you will not get access to US Netflix anymore, but French Netflix. You will in that way always get access to Netflix in the nation you are currently in. So, what can you do if you want to get access to for example US Netflix while in France? Or what about accessing US Netflix while in Asia? It is not longer enough to get a simple IP address in the nation you want to watch Netflix in as most VPN providers are blocked, but this is still how you can get access to US Netflix while abroad.

How to get an IP address working with US Netflix?

You might wonder how you can get a new IP address in another country that will work for Netflix? It isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are different ways in which you can fix it, but the easiest way is to use a VPN service that will connect you to a server in the given country and as soon as you are connected you will surf the net with an IP address in that given country. Since March-April 2016 most IP addresses registered with VPN providers are blocked by Netflix, but there are some holes in the system, so if you want to watch US Netflix while abroad, this is how it can be done!


How to get an IP address working with UK Netflix?

If you want to access UK Netflix and stream UK Netflix content while outside the country, then the solution is the same as when you try to access US Netflix. In other words, visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services and connect to a server in the UK, and you will be ready to go. If you get any trouble along the way, contact their customer service!


How to get an IP address working with Canadian/Dutch Netflix?

Would you like to stream content on Canadian/Dutch Netflix? Maybe you come from Canada, but you are currently abroad and want to keep watching your favorite content? Or maybe you are living somewhere else, but you have heard about how brilliant Canadian Netflix can be? To access Canadian/Dutch Netflix abroad, you have to use the VPN services of StrongVPN.


Get yourself a subscription to StrongVPN by pressing the button above. Download their VPN client and now the major part of the job is done.


This article was updated on June 22nd, 2017.

Watch your Netflix account from another country
Watch your Netflix account from another country

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9 thoughts on “How to watch my Netflix account from abroad? (updated June 2017)

  1. Tormod says:

    I have tried to watch Netflix from abroad using both HideMyAss and PureVPN and I must say that PureVPN has better speeds in general than HideMyAss. In addition I have found that, even though they have fever servers, those few servers normally has a bit better speeds, which means that it is a greater chance to get a good hit when using PureVPN. What is better with HideMyAss than with PureVPN, is that HideMyAss has a thirty day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, while PureVPN only has a three day money back guarantee. But, because of the guarantees, just go for the service that seems the best to you and with the best prices. Do not forget that HideMyAss registrations happens a bit faster, so if you are in a hurry and want to watch Netflix in only a few minutes from now, choose HideMyAss, because with PureVPN it often takes about 1 hour before you receive your username and password), which again means that you have to wait until then before you can watch your Netflix account from wherever you are in the world.

  2. Vilma gonzales says:

    I am a netflix subscriber in the uk at the moment but going back to my country this coming next week i have actually already cancelled my Netflix but if i can watch it in my country i would like to contine my subscription kindly help me how do i do that? Last december i was in the philippines tried to connect my failed.

    • Hello! If you visit the Netflix website you can easily reactivate your Netflix account again, and then as you go back to the Philippines you can use a VPN like HIdeMyAss or PureVPN to get yourself a UK IP address, and then you will be able to watch Netflix also back home!

  3. Skitter says:

    Can I just clarify, can you set up your VPN account in UK in advance of going to France or should it be done when you are over there. Also, is there any difference if you are on an iPad?

    • Hello,
      there is no difference if you are using an iPad, a mobile device (iOS or Android) or a Mac or a Windows computer. It is working in the same way, and it is enough to arrange with the VPN subscription once you are in France, but you can of course arrange it beforehand as well, but it is not needed!

  4. Tolete says:

    Canadian here going to spend a few months in central Europe, wanting to access my account from there. If i understood correctly, once there I access and set up any of the two VPNs mentioned here and that’s it?

    • Yes, once there you sign up for StrongVPN (hopefully they will still work for this purpose, but check back here first), and then you connect to a Canadian server to stream Canadian Netflix and a US server in order to stream US Netflix!

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