Lethal Weapon coming to Netflix [Fox TV series]

Lethal Weapon on NetflixOne of the best new TV series in the 2016/17 was the Fox series Lethal Weapon. Did you like the original Lethal Weapon movies? Then you will for sure like Riggs and Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series.

I wasn’t sure about whether I wanted to watch Lethal Weapon or not. I was very critical and did not look much forward to it. But, it only took the makers of the Lethal Weapon TV series 10-15 minutes before I was “in love with” Martin Riggs, and a little bit more before I enjoyed the company of Murtaugh as well. They have managed to catch the characters of the guys we know from the movies (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover), and it feels like a continuation of the movies, just with other actors.

A new season of Lethal Weapon will premiere on Fox on September 26th, meaning that you have some weeks to stream the first season of Lethal Weapon on Netflix before the new season starts on Fox. If you fall in love with Lethal Weapon as you stream the first season on Netflix, then you can stream the second season on the Fox website or at Hulu. To find out more about how you can watch Fox from abroad or Hulu from abroad, click the links.

Lethal Weapon season 1 on Netflix

You can stream the first season of Lethal Weapon on Canadian Netflix from September 21st. You will in other words not have several weeks to watch it after all, but five days only before the premiere of the second season on Fox. But, five days should be more than enough. The first season consisted of 18 episodes, each lasting about 40 minutes. To watch all these in five days, you will have to watch an average of 4 episodes each day, with the exception of two days when you only watch three episodes. That ain’t too much, is it?

Would you like to know more about how you can access Canadian Netflix from all across the world? Click the link!

Do not forget that Canadian Netflix is brilliant. In September you can also stream Assasin’s Creed, XXX: Return of Xander, Beauty and the Beast and quite a lot of other great movies in the same region. For a full list of all the content coming to Canadian Netflix in September, check this list.

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