How to watch from abroad?

On you can watch Telecinco and Cuatro live streams, and you can watch lots of TV programs and films as well. Quite a lot of the content is blocked for visitors from outside Spain.

If you want to watch Telecinco, Cuatro or some program available at you will need a Spanish IP address. If you try to watch without a Spanish IP address you will see the following error message. from abroad

Watch Telecinco and Cuatro live online

If you are located outside Spain and want to watch live streams or some other content online currently unavailable, use HideMyAss to get yourself a Spanish IP address. Sign up for their VPN service (they have a 30 day full refund policy), connect to a server in Spain and restart your browser.HideMyAss

You are now ready to watch and all other geographically blocked content in Spain from wherever you are in the world.

If you have such a subscription, you can also use it to watch La Liga online for free!

Watching Telecinco and Cuatro online

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