A Private Affair review (Prime Original)

A Private Affair is the title of a 2022-series created for Amazon Prime. This is a good-old detective story, though it still feels very different while watching it. Can you imagine living in a society in which only men can work as cops and detectives? In the midst of this, you have a lady with extreme skills and talent, but she has to put a lock on it all, due to the society she lives in. Even so, she bumps onto a murder case as she illegally buys crime magazines one day by the harbor. Throughout eights episodes, we follow Aura Garrido in her role as Marina Quiroga, the lady with skills, and looks, but who has a hard time receiving acceptation.

I have got to say that Aura Garrido is fantastic in her role as Marina Quiroga in this series. She is so present in the role, and I can almost feel her energy through the screen watching A Private Affair. The fact that she looks really nice comes as an enjoyable bonus. Next to her, we also meet Jean Reno in the role of Hector, the butler of the Quiroga family.

Hector has been around for a long time, and he was there when the father of Marina was still alive. He was the best cop ever known in the area, and he always encouraged Marina. But, after the death of the father, Marinas brother gets the role as captain of the police, and Marina isn’t invited to do any police work at all. But, this case is about to make it all change.

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Is A Private Affair worth watching?

One of the biggest problems with new series is to like them. You often spend hours finding out whether you like a series or not. With A Private Affair, it was much easier to me. I fell in love with the story and the characters quickly. But, even though I really enjoyed the company of Hector and Marina, I quickly noticed that this is a series that could have been several episodes shorter. Already during the third episode I felt like this should come to an end soon. And if you have that feeling after three episodes (and you know that there are five episodes left that will take away more than 3 hours of your life), it is easy to get a bit annoyed.

The story itself is interesting and good, and the acting and especially the roles of Marina, Hector, and Pablo, make it worth watching.

I would clearly say that A Private Affair is perfect for those who like good detective work combined with an old-fashioned style, and a woman that fights for acceptance among colleagues.

Besides making the series too long, it is also a bit annoying that Marina always walk and hunt bad guys in high heels and beautiful clothes. It does look nice, but it feels extremely stupid and not very realistic. It gives please to the eye, but my brain sometimes felt like it was an overkill.

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How and where can I watch A Private Affair?

Would you like to stream this series? There are eight episodes and each episode last for approximately 40 minutes. You will, in other words, need to spend approximately 320 minutes in total to stream the full series which is about 5 1/2 hours.

This is a Prime Original series, meaning that you can watch A Private Affair on Amazon Prime. If there is no Amazon store in your country, then you can watch it on Prime Video instead.

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