The best VPN for Netflix streaming from abroad

Are you looking for a VPN that will let you stream Netflix from abroad? Looking for a VPN that will give you access not only to American Netflix but also Canadian, German, Dutch, English and other Netflix regions? Is it even possible?

If we went back in time to January 2016, nobody would understand the problem we are discussing in this article. There were hundreds of VPN providers and SmartDNS providers, and they all helped you access Netflix regions outside the one you are currently in. For example, the Smart DNS provider Unlocator had a menu in which you could choose which Netflix region you wanted to watch, and some seconds later, you had access to that exact region. Life was easy if you wanted to take advantage of the different content available in the different Netflix regions.

Get access to different Netflix regions
Get access to different Netflix regions

20 months later – Life ain’t that easy anymore

Now, 20 months later, life ain’t that easy anymore. Netflix has taken the VPN and Smart DNS problem seriously, and thus it is almost impossible to find solutions for those interested in accessing other Netflix regions. The most popular Netflix region, American Netflix, can still be watched quite easily (since all VPN providers have to provide this to keep their customers), but except that, it is very hard to find solutions that give you access to everything. One VPN provider might have one server that works with American Netflix, while the rest of their servers don’t. Earlier you could get it all with one provider; now life is harder. But, which is the best VPN provider or SmartDNS provider if you want to get access to several Netflix regions and take advantage of all the great stuff available in the different regions?

We have tested lots of different VPN providers to find the status, and here we will share our results.

  • If you want access to American Netflix, most VPN providers have at least one server or more working with this region.
  • There is no VPN provider with whom you can get access to everything.
  • There are some VPN providers that will give you access to more than one Netflix region.

The best VPN provider for streaming Netflix

The VPN provider, based on our tests, that will give you access to at least 4-5 Netflix regions is StrongVPN. Based on our tests today their services will give you access to American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, German Netflix and Dutch Netflix. We haven’t tested their services in all other nations, but these are the most important nations to whom they give access.

Another VPN provider that will give you access to US Netflix, but also to Portuguese Netflix (and probably some more regions of which we do not know) is ExpressVPN.

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These are the best VPN providers the way we see the world. You can get access to US Netflix with lots of other providers, but the biggest challenge for those are giving you access to other Netflix regions, besides American Netflix.

There is no all-in-one solution anymore

There is no all-in-one solution anymore if you want to get access to different Netflix regions. But, the closest you can get in today’s world seems to be StrongVPN. We have our subscription in order, and we frequently use it. Canadian Netflix is one of the best regions when it comes to fantastic, new, blockbuster movies, while UK Netflix gives you the new Suits season. US Netflix has some great movies in store as well, while Dutch Netflix is the best region for Star Wars fans. There are lots of advantages with every single region, and if you want to get access to all fo them, StrongVPN is the best solution at the moment.

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