Can I watch BBC iPlayer with PureVPN?

Have you read about PureVPN somewhere? Would you like to purchase a PureVPN subscription, but before you go ahead, you want to make sure that you can use the service to watch BBC iPlayer? Is it possible? In this article, I will test PureVPN and see whether or not I can use the service to stream BBC iPlayer or not.

It is a well-known thing that you can only stream content on BBC iPlayer in the UK. If you try to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, you will see different error messages. But, it might be that you want to watch BBC iPlayer in the UK, but while using a VPN. Or you might be on a trip to New York, but you would like to watch your favorite BBC series on BBC iPlayer after a long and tiring day in the city.

Now you have done some research and you have discovered that PureVPN seems to be a good and cheap VPN. But, you have also discovered that lots of VPN services are blocked by BBC. What is the truth about PureVPN? Can it be used to watch BBC iPlayer?

Testing whether or not I can use PureVPN with BBC iPlayer.

The requirements for this test are:

  • A BBC iPlayer account (completely free).
  • A PureVPN subscription (not free, but relatively cheap compared to other VPN providers).

The first part of the test is to try to watch content on BBC iPlayer. Below you can see the result. Here I wasn’t using PureVPN or any other VPN service. I simply tried to visit the BBC iPlayer website and stream content using my normal Internet connection.

bbc iplayer error

As you can see above, I get an error message telling me that BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. This wasn’t a surprise, it was actually exactly what I expected to happen. But, what will happen when I connect to a PureVPN server in the United Kingdom? I know it will give me a local IP address in the United Kingdom, but will it work with BBC iPlayer, or will it be detected and blocked?

It is time to connect to a PureVPN server in the UK.

So I open the PureVPN application on my Linux computer (it works exactly the same way on phones, tablets, Windows computers, and Macintosh). Then I connect to a server in the United Kingdom.

purevpn server in the united kingdom

Above you can see that I am connected to a PureVPN server in London. Now it is time to restart my browser and try to stream content on BBC iPlayer once again. Will it work? Since I am writing this while actually doing the test, it is actually quite interesting and exciting. I am curious myself.

What is happening?

As I visit the page over again and press the play button, I immediately see the following message.

have you got a TV license

This sounds promising, because I don’t see the error message, but I have to answer that I have a TV license instead. But, then the boring thing happens. The same error shows up once again.

this content is not available in your location.

So far, it seems to me as if PureVPN doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer. But, they have more servers in the United Kingdom, so I disconnect from their London server and connect to their Manchester server instead. Will this make things better?

Once again I restart my browser and then I visit BBC iPlayer again. I return to the same content and then I press play. What is happening this time?

bbc with purevpn

I no longer see the error message. Instead, I see an ad for another BBC series named Inside Man. Once the ad is finished, the real program starts. What does this mean? I am able to watch BBC iPlayer with PureVPN.

wreck on bbc iplayer

Above I am watching Wreck on BBC iPlayer with PureVPN.

BBC iPlayer and PureVPN – what is the conclusion?

It is clear that PureVPN can be used to watch BBC iPlayer. But, it also seems clear that not all their servers and not all their IP addresses will unblock BBC iPlayer. I couldn’t watch BBC iPlayer when connected to the London server, but all worked properly as I connected to their Manchester server.

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It is useful to know that PureVPN has applications for all the big and popular platforms, and you can use the same subscription on ten devices at the same time. What does this mean? You can use PureVPN to watch BBC iPlayer on your computer, while you use it on your phone to watch English Netflix. While this is happening, your mum can use PureVPN to watch a movie on American Netflix, while your brother can download content from Torrent sites… all at the same time.

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