Why can’t I download ITV Hub app from Google Play Store?

Would you like to download the ITV Hub app from Google Play Store, but can’t even find the application in the Google Play Store? Has it disappeared?

Let us just assure you that the ITV Hub application which can be used to watch ITV online has not disappeared, at least not entirely. The truth is that the application is there, but it is only made available to viewers and users in the UK. In other words you will need to make Google Play Store believe that you are in the UK to be able to get access to the Google Play Store in a way that makes it possible for you to download the ITV Hub application. How is that done?

itv hub app went missing
Why can’t I find the ITV app in Google Play Store?

How to download the ITV Hub application abroad?

To download the application (and to be able to actually enjoy and use it later) you will first of all need to get yourself a UK IP address. The best way to get such an IP address is by using the VPN services of the VPN provider ExpressVPN. This is a brilliant VPN provider that helps you unblock ITV, the BBC, Channel 4, and lots of other TV channels in the UK, while also making you able to access the content on several Netflix platforms, including American, English, and Canadian Netflix.

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ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and they support the amazing 256-AES encryption, making sure that you are safe online. They have servers in around 100 nations, and you can use one subscription at five devices at the same time. If you want to know even more about ExpressVPN, take a look at our ExpressVPN review. You can also read more about ExpressVPN as our preferred VPN provider for ITV in the following article.

The next step is to enter your settings on the Android device. Then you need to select Applications and then Google Play Store. There you delete all data (Clear Data) or press Storage and then Clear Data. Make sure that you are connected to a HideMyAss server in England as you do this.

Now you return back to your start screen and re-open Google Play Store. Search for ITV Hub. You will now not only find the application, but you can also download it, open it and enjoy it to the full.

If you have tried it and it doesn’t help, there is another method that is actually much easier. What you need to do is to visit the following site and manually download the ITV Hub application. To install it, you need to accept programs from unknown sources (your phone will ask you the question). After a few seconds, the ITV Hub application is installed, and you can start streaming. But once again, to actually be able to stream ITV on your Android device in the ITV Hub application, ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN provider!

If you have comments or questions concerning this article and watching ITV on Android devices abroad, just write whatever is on your heart! You can also find more information about watching ITV abroad at itv.fromabroad.org.

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      Hello Alastair,
      and thank you for the question. You are entirely right, and I have now updated the article with a much easier way to fix the problem. You can manually download the application and install it yourself, entirely without the Google Play Store! Look at the article again, and you will be ready in a few minutes! If you need further help, just write again!

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