Congratulations to StrongBlock as they now facilitate and run more than 100,000 Ethereum nodes!

Things are happening quickly in the digital world. You can send money from Norway to Singapore in a few seconds, and you can send a message and chat with people on the other side of the globe live. That might not sound revolutionary, but think about what life was like 100 years ago when people went to Africa as missionaries and their loved ones had no clue what happened to the persons who just left until the first letter arrived or some other life signal weeks or months later. One such platform that has experienced gigantic growth in the last year is StrongBlock.

David Moss, the founder of StrongBlock published the following tweet on September 30th.

In exactly one year, StrongBlock went from one node to more than 100,000 nodes on the Ethereum network. Besides that, they also have nodes running for Sentinel dVPN, and many more platforms coming up. After all, the rumors of the node-army are hitting Twitter, and all solid and serious blockchains are in need of thousands of nodes to keep all the data safe, quick and spread out on as many nodes as possible.

We mentioned StrongBlock in a couple of articles already in October and November 2020 here in the IP Address Guide. We didn’t write exactly about StrongBlock, but we wrote on topics dealing with how to set up an Ethereum node, and by that, we also referred to StrongBlock as a perfect option for any Ethereum node holder who wanted to get rewarded for running a node. Since then, the project has turned into NaaS protocol (Node as a service), meaning that the ByoN part is gone (Bring your own node), and you can now use the system on the website to quickly create an Ethereum node without having any technical skills at all.

The Byon part was popular and many people miss it, but with the extremely expensive transactions on the Ethereum network, it became to complicated and too expensive to accept the new nodes registered and more, and thus, the platform turned completely into a NaaS service.

Our first 100% serious StrongBlock article was published in January 2021 and it was titled: “Why I believe StrongBlock to be one of the safest investments in the cryptosphere in 2021!” Now, that is an article I believe many people will regret that they didn’t read then. At that time, the price of one Strong was $25, meaning that you could create a node and pay only $250 in total for all the Strong tokens needed.

Since then, we have mentioned StrongBlock here and there, and in August 2021, we published the following article: “Is StrongBlock still one of the best investments in 2021?” And to let you know, we still consider this to be one of the best investments in the cryptosphere in 2021.

congratulations strongblock

Congratulations to David Moss and the team!

We are really happy about the success of the project and we look forward to seeing what the future has to bring. Not only has the project helped strengthen the Ethereum network, but it has generated a stream of passive income to hundreds of node holders. As a result, the nodes are no longer a tiny stream of income next to their main income, but their main income has turned into a tiny stream of side-income compared to what they earn with their StrongBlock nodes.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Congratulations to David Moss and the StrongBlock team, to everyone being a part of the node-army, and to all the people who have found friends and new family among all the enthusiastic nodeaholics in the Strongblock community!

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