Error CE-34788-0 when updating/reinstalling the operating system on a PS4. Connect a USB storage that contains and update file for reinstallation for version 10.50 or later.

Are you trying to install or reinstall the operating system on your Playstation 4? Have you downloaded the necessary file to a pen drive, but as you try to install you, you get an error message telling you the following: “Connect a USB storage that contains and update file for reinstallation for version 10.50 or later.” Besides the error message, you also see the error code CE-34788-0. What can you do about it?

There might be different reasons why you see this error message, but here you have the two most common solutions.

Have you downloaded the correct file?

If you try to install the Playstation 4 operating system on a brand new hard drive, it is important that you download the correct file. You can find the available files at

ps4 system update error

If you go to the page above and download the PS4 console update file and try to install it on a brand new hard drive, it will not work. You will then see the error message telling you to use an update file for reinstalling containing system 10.50 or newer. To solve this, download the PS4 console reinstallation file. The size of the file is almost the double of the update file, simply because it contains the entire system and that it isn’t just an update.

This will solve the problem for most people.

Are you using the right file names and file system on the pen drive?

The pen drive needs to be formatted with the FAT32 or exFAT file system. It is then important that you do the following.

  • Create a directory named PS4 (with capital letters).
  • Create a directory within the PS4 directory titled UPDATE (with capital letters).
  • Copy the PS4UPDATE.PUP file that you downloaded into the UPDATE directory.

If you do this right, it will help you get rid of the CE-34788-0 error message on your Playstation 4.

ce-34788-0 error on ps4
The update file cannot be used – error message on your PS4.

Other reasons you might see the error message.

The two reasons mentioned above are definitely the most common reasons why you might see the CE-34788-0 error message while updating your system on a Playstation 4. There might, however, be some other reasons as well, and here you can see some of them.

  1. Insufficient Hard Drive Space: This error message can occur if your PlayStation console’s hard drive is full. Try deleting unnecessary games or files to free up space and see if the error message goes away.
  2. Corrupted Data: If there is a problem with the data on your console’s hard drive, it can cause the CE-34788-0 error message. Try rebuilding the database in Safe Mode to fix any corrupted data. To enter Safe Mode, turn off the console, then hold down the power button until you hear two beeps.
  3. System Software Issues: If your PlayStation console’s system software is outdated or corrupted, it can cause the CE-34788-0 error message. Try updating the system software to the latest version or reinstalling the system software.
  4. Hard Drive Failure: If none of the above solutions work, it’s possible that your PlayStation console’s hard drive is failing. In this case, you may need to replace the hard drive or contact Sony support for further assistance.

I hope these instructions have helped you! If you have further questions or if I have solved the problem for you with the information in this article, please write a comment below.

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