ExpressVPN now supports five simultaneous connections with one subscription

The VPN market is getting tougher and tougher, and that is why the different VPN providers tend to fight hard for every single customer. A few years ago, one VPN subscription could only be used one place at a time, but that has changed, and now you can use one VPN subscription at several devices at the same time.

ExpressVPN has for a long time allowed their users to use one subscription at three devices at the same time, but even this was quite strict compared to many other VPN providers at the market. So, with their most recent update, they decided to change this. As a consequence, you can now use an ExpressVPN subscription at 5 devices simultaneously instead of 3.

ExpressVPN shared the news about this recent "upgrade" on June 20th in their own blog.
ExpressVPN shared the news about this recent “upgrade” on June 20th in their own blog.

Let me be honest, most people will never really take advantage of this. Maybe you use it on one computer that actively uses the VPN connection all day, and then on one more devices, but five devices… that is very much.

But, maybe you can use this to help some friends or family members out? It is possible to share your credentials with some people you trust, and thus, your VPN subscription will not only be used by one person, but by several family members and friends you might know. And, if you are even smarter, you can even make them join and split the cost. If you have five people splitting the cost of an ExpressVPN subscription, you will actually hardly pay anything for the fun.

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Considering how you can use ExpressVPN while torrenting, to stream TV channels like ARD, ZDF, BBC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and more online, to gain access to Netflix regions such as English, Canadian, and US Netflix, and be confident that you are safe while checking your banking information online, while logging in to your favorite cryptocurrency exchange and so much more. A VPN is really worth the money, and it is better to be smart and use a safe connection before you will regret that you didn’t.

We have also updated our ExpressVPN review to make sure that it reflects these recent changed. We have a lot of old articles still saying that you can use ExpressVPN on three different devices simultaneously, but if you see those, forget about that exact fact and know that it can be used at five devices instead!

Are you happy about these recent ExpressVPN changes?

Are there any other changes you would like to see take place with ExpressVPN, or are you completely satisfied? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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