fubo TV is now also in Canada

If you are a fan of sports, then you have for sure heard about fubo TV. This is a brilliant platform for streaming sports online in the US. Recently they launched their Canadian version as well!

We have written lots of guides in our IP Address Guide about how you can stream different sports events and football leagues online. Let us say that you want to stream Ligue 1 in France, La Liga in Spain or Serie A in Italy online… do you know the solution? It is called Fubo TV! They also broadcast Major League Soccer in the US, the Mexican top series, Portuguese football and the English Championship matches online. With their recent launch in Canada these services have just turned available in Canada as well.


Now there are a few differences and things you should now about Fubo TV in Canada before you leave this article.

Worth knowing about Fubo TV in the USA and in Canada

  • It is possible to access Fubo TV in the USA overseas. You can read more about how to access Fubo TV overseas here.
  • You can access Canadian Fubo TV outside of Canada as well. You can read more about that in the article mentioned above as well.
  • You do need different subscriptions for US Fubo TV and Canadian Fubo TV. In other words you can not use the same subscription in both nations (like you can when you change your Netflix region). This is more like with Amazon Prime where an individual subscription is required in the nations in which you want to enjoy Amazon Prime.
  • The content available on Fubo TV in the USA and in Canada differs. You can for example access Champions League on Fubo TV in Canada, while this is not available on Fubo TV in the USA.

This is information that you will for sure find useful and which will help you go ahead and watch Fubo TV in either the USA, in Canada or in both nations.

We are really happy about Fubo TV launching their services in Canada as well, and we hope lots of people will be able to watch their favorite sports and favorite teams online as a result of their expansion.

Do you like Fubo TV? Why do you have a Fubo TV subscription? Write a comment and let us know!

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