How to get a Mexican IP address?

mexican IP addressAre you looking for the chance of getting yourself an IP address in Mexico? It is not enough to put a sombrero on your head, even though it might make you feel Mexican. The way of getting yourself a Mexican IP address, is by using a VPN, the VPN services of the VPN provider IPVanish.

To get that IP address in Mexico is simply about installing a program on your computer that will let you connect to a server in Mexico, which will provide you with a Mexican IP address. The program is free, but you need an IPVanish subscription to be able to connect to those servers. In addition to servers in Mexico you will also be able to connect to servers in more than 40 other countries with the IPVanish subscription. It is very easy to use, and that is why we voted it as the easiest to use VPN provider.

Why a Mexican IP address?

MexicoWhy do I need a Mexican IP address? We do not know why you need a Mexican IP address, the reasons can be several. Maybe there are some TV programs, live streams or shows that you want to watch, but since you are located outside Mexico you can not watch them, because of copyright rules and the fact that the stream or program can only be watched by people in Mexico, in other words, people with a Mexican IP address. Another reason for connecting to a VPN server in Mexico is to secure your Internet connection and encrypt your data, making sure that none is sniffing and stealing confidential information. Some pages also require you to have a Mexican IP to participate in certain forums and read online content.

Put on the sombrero and reside virtually in Mexico

To get that Mexican IP visit the IPVanish website, make a subscription for 1, 3 or 12 months, download their VPN client and connect to one of the servers they have in Mexico. Then you restaurant your browser, put on your sombrero and now you can feel like a real Mexican residing in the nation, at least virtually.


We hope you have found this article interesting and helpful. If you follow these steps you should be able to surf the net as a local Mexican in less than 6-7 minutes, so go for it. It is up and working at once, and if you are not satisified, IPVanish even have a seven day money back guarantee, to make sure that you end up satisfied and not wasting your money!

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