How can I buy $WAGMI and stake them on Euphoria (Harmony blockchain)?

Yesterday, I wrote an article dealing with how you can purchase $HEC tokens and stake them in HectorDAO on the Fantom blockchain. Today I would like to share with you another article in which I will describe how you can buy $WAGMI tokens and stake them on the Euphoria platform (which is available on the Harmony blockchain). To be honest, it is a little bit more complicated than the HEC tokens I explained yesterday, but when you understand the method, it isn’t hard at all. Let’s get started!

  • Forget about this project which died together with most other DAO projects in the start of 2023.
The Euphoria website (WAGMI)

First of all, let me share the important links that will be needed in this article and that you will need as well in order to succeed right now.

1. Install MetaMask

Now we should be ready to get started. A nice place to start is by installing MetaMask in your browser. If you have never used MetaMask before, this will take a couple of minutes, and make sure to take good care of your recovery keys and never share them with anyone! When you have installed MetaMask, you are mostly ready to move on with the next steps.

One important thing that is needed with MetaMask is to add support for the Harmony blockchain. You can do this manually, but there is a way easier method for this.

-> Go to
-> Open the application.
-> Select the Harmony blockchain (the default is Ethereum)
-> MetaMask will now pop up with a window asking if you want to add the Harmony blockchain to MetaMask. Answer YES!
-> Your MetaMask is now ready to use the Harmony blockchain. You can change between the different blockchains at any time within the MetaMask application at the top of the window.

add the harmony blockchain to metamask

Below you can see that MetaMask is installed and that it is ready to communicate on the Harmony blockchain. You can click the Harmony text in the drop-down menu and switch to other blockchains like Ethereum at any time.

metamask is installed

MetaMask is ready to go. Let us move on!

2. Send some ONE tokens to your Harmony wallet

We have now done a crucial part in the process of getting WAGMI tokens. But, now we need to add funds to your wallet so that you will actually be able to buy them. The best option is to do as follows.

  • Buy ONE tokens on either Binance or Kucoin (links at the start of the article).
  • Visit your MetaMask wallet and copy your address. It should look something like this: 0x2979d2b38b8A404d6fF6B66D8795244f370133C9
  • Go to the Harmony Explorer and paste your address into the search field.
Turn your ETH address to a ONE address with Harmony Block Explorer
  • The address that is showing up, starting with one, is your address on the Harmony blockchain. Copy this.
  • Do a test-run and send 0.5 ONE or something like that from your Kucoin/Binance account to the address you just copied from the Harmony Block Explorer. Make sure to select the Harmony blockchain for the transfer (not Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain or something like that).
  • It should normally take a few seconds/minutes for the funds to arrive to your MetaMask wallet.
  • If the test-transfer has been successful, send the big money to your Harmony address.

You have now received the funds in your wallet, and you are ready to move on and actually buy those $WAGMI tokens.

3. Buy the WAGMI tokens on ViperSwap

The easy part is left. Go to the ViperSwap website, and choose the trading pair from ONE to WAGMI.

one to wagmi

You have to connect your wallet to ViperSwap as well. As soon as the wallet is connected and your ONE tokens have arrived, your balance will be updated and you can use it to purchase WAGMI tokens. The Harmony blockchain is very cheap and really quick, so the entire process should only take a few seconds.

4. Stake your WAGMI tokens on Euphoria

Now the final task is left. Visit the Euphoria website, connect your MetaMask wallet to the application, and you are ready to go.

  • First you have to Approve that the application can communicate with your wallet (a very fast and cheap transaction).
  • Then you should reload the website when this is done.
  • Now you are ready to stake your tokens.
  • Passive income is coming your way!

If you want to be able to see your actual balances of WAGMI and sWAGMI at all times, use the links as shown in the image below to add those balances to your MetaMask.

add wagmi and swagmi to metamask

You are now absolutely ready to go! If you want to read more about other high and low-risk projects in the world of cryptocurrencies for passive income, take a look at the following article.

I hope these instructions have helped you a lot. If you still have any questions, comments, or just would like to share your thoughts about the Euphoria platform, the WAGMI token, the Harmony One blockchain or something else, use the comment field below!

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  1. Sebastian McIntyre says:

    Great article, very helpful. One point to add would be you need to have ONE in your wallet for gas fees. I understand that is obvious but for newbies and first timers is would be helpful. Thanks for taking the time to present all the steps in one place. I hope 2022 is safe & prosperous for you & family.

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