How can I get a Danish IP address?

The mountain free nation of Denmark is a great place to stay, but if you are outside Denmark at the moment and in need of a Danish IP address, this is how you can do it!

Danish IP addressTo get hold of your Danish IP address you need to subscribe to a VPN service. We have described quite a lot of VPN services on the page about VPN tools. Head over there and read about the different services and sign up for the service that sound best for you.

As you have subscribed to a VPN service you will be able to connect to a server in Denmark and as soon as you are connected you will surf the Internet with a Danish IP address, no matter where you are in the world. It is easy to fix and you can have your Danish IP address ready in a few minutes from now if you hurry up a bit.

What do people need a Danish IP address for?

If you like Danish TV you might want to see live broadcasts from the most popular Danish TV channels. In order to do so you will often need a Danish IP address. Some other examples are Video on Demand sites from Denmark which require their users to have a Danish IP address to use them. Some online gaming sites, poker sites and casinos also require their users to have an IP address location in Denmark, so there are plenty of reasons why you might need to get hold of a local IP address in Denmark.

Head over to the site about VPN tools and download the tool you like the best. The service we recommend as the number one VPN tool is HideMyAss, but you can of course decide for yourself!

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