How can I watch RB Leipzig – PSG online? (November 3, 2021)

Would you like to watch a live stream showing the football match between RB Leipzig and Paris St. Germaine (PSG) online on the third of November in 2021? It might be difficult to find a live stream from the match, but it isn’t impossible. And, if you read this article and follow the instructions, you will be ready to watch PSG play against RB Leipzig online in a few minutes!

The football match between PSG and RB Leipzig will start at 21.00 local time in Leipzig on November 3rd. The match will be played at the Red Bull Arena, and it will be packed with stars such as Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Marquinhos, and several others. Even though Messi has had a hard time so far for PSG, he has at least scored one goal, and the question is whether or not he will score again in the match against RB Leipzig, a team that has had a terrible defense so far in the tournament, and they haven’t been doing well in the German Bundesliga either.

In other words, PSG is expected to win this match easily. But, can the defense line of the German team suddenly wake up and turn into the solid defense they have been in the earlier seasons? If you watch the live stream of the match between PSG and RB Leipzig online, you will find out. But, how and where can you stream PSG play against RB Leipzig online for free?

rb leipzig vs psg

Watch RB Leipzig – PSG online for free!

The only way to stream the football match between PSG and RB Leipzig online for free is by accessing the live stream from the Hungarian TV channel M4 Sport. This channel will show this match online for free on November 3rd. You can also use the same method to stream more Champions League matches on every Tuesday and Wednesday on which there are Champions League matches played in Europe.

You can visit in order to find the live stream of the channel M4 (you will find a link in the upper right corner, or you will see an image in the middle of the screen that you can click in order to jump straight to the live stream).

The stream is only available to people located in Hungary, but if you use the VPN services of SurfsharkVPN you will be able to get a Hungarian IP address, which again will make you able to stream all the content on M4 in Hungary live online, no matter where you are in the world.

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  • Visit and watch the live stream from the match.

That was easy, wasn’t it? You can also use SurfsharkVPN to access hundreds of streaming services in other countries, including the fact that it can be used to watch Netflix content in other countries, BBC in the UK abroad, and much more.

If you are a football maniac, then you can also use SurfsharkVPN to unblock ParamountPlus in the USA. This is a streaming service that will show you every single Champions League match online. It is easy to use, but it causes a little bit of work to actually pay for the service. But, once you have an American payment card that can be used to pay for the service, you can easily stream every single Champions League match online on the service. You can read more about how you can watch ParamountPlus abroad right here.

Do you think RB Leipzig has a chance against PSG?

PSG hasn’t been impressing a lot this season, but they have still won most of their matches. RB Leipzig hasn’t impressed either, but they have lost most of their matches and allowed their opponents to score lots of goals. All in all, I don’t believe RB Leipzig has much of a chance against PSG. What do you think? Write a comment and let me know.

If you need help watching the live stream of the match online, write a comment as well!

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