How to change the language of Netflix audio and subtitles?

Would you like the films and TV series you watch on Netflix to be in a different language? Or do you want to change your subtitles? Here we will tell you how to change the language of Netflix audio and subtitles. And if you are located abroad and you miss audio in your native language and subtitles in your native language we will tell you how to get those back as well!

First of all, this is how you change the language of audio spoken and subtitles in Netflix.

change audio on Netflix
This is how you change language on audio and subtitles on Netflix

In the bottom right corner on Netflix you can see an icon and if you press it you will see like above the different languages available for audio and languages available for subtitles. Here you can thus easily setup in which language you want to listen to the film and which language you want the subtitles to be in.

If you are located abroad and miss the audio and subtitles available in your home region, or you simply want access to what is available on US Netflix you must change your Netflix region. If you want to know more about changing your Netflix region read this article.

HideMyAssVisit the HideMyAss website and sign up for their services. Once this is done you can simply connect to a server in the nation in which you want to watch Netflix. If you for example want to get Swedish subtitles and Swedish audio then you need a Swedish IP address to get access to Swedish Netflix. Notice that Swedish audio is mostly only available on children programs and productions from Sweden, but Swedish subtitles are available for mostly everything. In the same way you can connect to server in France to get access to French Netflix with French audio and French subtitles etc.

Now you know all that there is to know about changing the language of Netflix, and the audio and subtitles in Netflix.

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