How to get a UK IP address?

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth and many people fall in love with England and the United Kingdom. But, when you are outside the UK and want to get hold of content that require a UK IP address, what to do then?

UK IP addressThere are lots of services online that require a UK IP address from its visitors. One such example is ITV with their ITVPlayer and another example is if you want to watch Sky Sports from abroad. This is a very popular TV channel and they create shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and tons of others. Their broadcasts are available online, but they require that you have a British IP. This is only one out of many examples, and now it is time to speak about the solution.

How can I get a UK IP address?

If you know someone in the United Kingdom with a computer online all day you could ask them if you could connect to it using VPN, but for most people that is a very hard and complicated solution. A much easier way is to subscribe to a VPN service which have servers standing in the UK waiting for you to connect to them.

A VPN is a virtual tunnel that is created between your computer at your location and another computer (in this case in the UK). Once you connect to the server a tunnel is created between those computers, and people on the outside can not look into the tunnel. All people can see is the traffic coming out on the other side of the tunnel, which is then originating from the server you are connected to in the UK. Again this means that once you are connected to such a server you will surf the Internet with a UK IP address.

This sounds very difficult!

This VPN stuff might sound difficult, but it is really easy. We have done lots of tests and at the moment we recommend the services of either PureVPN, IPVanish or StrongVPN if you want an IP address in the UK. The easiest tool to get started with is IPVanish, so even though they do not have the best speeds, we would still recommend IPVanish for those interested in getting a UK IP. So, all you need to do know is to visit their website, make a subscription, download their client, connect to one of their servers in the UK, restart your browser and then you are surfing the Internet with a United Kingdom IP address. It is as easy as it sounds.

UK VPN speeds tests

We have earlier recommended the usage of PureVPN, IPVanish or StrongVPN, but here you can see the speed test results we got testing several different VPN services online.

  • SimpleVPN. 2,8 Mbps
  • HideMyAss: 3,52 Mbps – 3,70Mbps – 2,25Mbps – 10,3 Mbps (we tested four servers)
  • IPVanish: 12.2Mbps
  • ExpressVPN: 4Mbps – 6Mbps (we tested two servers)
  • PureVPN. 20Mbps – 18Mbps (we tested two servers)
  • VPN4All: 6Mbps – 2,8Mbps (we tested two servers)
  • StrongVPN: 20Mbps

Go ahead and make a subscription to the service you like the most. Be aware of the great fact that most of these services offer full refund if you are not satisfied and cancel your subscription within a certain amount of days!

[stextbox id=”info”]PureVPN currently has a great discount if you make a one year subscription to their services. They also have great speed on their UK servers, so if you are looking for a service in the UK at the moment, we can warmly recommend PureVPN[/stextbox]

PureVPNwith 31-day full refundStrongVPN IPVanish

Good luck and enjoy surfing the Internet with a UK IP address.

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      That is when you should make a subscription to one of the mentioned VPN providers, because they will provide you with a UK IP address… making it possible to easily fix those also for those without relatives and friends in the UK.

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