How to watch Denmark – France online? [Handball WC 2019, semi-final]

Denmark will play a semi-final in the Handball World Championship against France on January 25th. How can you watch Denmark – France online?

Denmark hasn’t lost a single match in the Handball World Championship so far. Hopefully, it will not stop as they play against France in the semi-final. France won the last two handball World Championships, but can they win again? Or can Mikkel Hansen and Denmark stop the French team?

Watch Denmark vs. France online
Watch Denmark vs. France online

Watch Denmark – France online

You can watch Denmark – France on TV2Play in Denmark. A subscription is needed to watch TV2Play. If you want to watch Denmark – France on TV2Play outside Denmark, you also need a Danish IP Address, something you can get using the VPN services of PureVPN. You can read more about how you can watch Danish TV abroad in this article.

You can also watch the match between Denmark and France on M4 in Hungary and RUV in Iceland. Click the links for more information on how you can watch those channels online.


If you search for ways to stream Denmark vs. France online on YouTube or in Google, you will get lots of spammy links sending you in all sorts of direction to junk streams and spam-sites. Do not waste your energy and time on that, but watch the match on real TV channels instead, like the ones described in this article. You will have a much better streaming experience, and you will not waste time looking for working solutions that you end up not really finding!

Let us cheer for Denmark and Mikkel Hansen together on January 25th!

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