How to watch Sling TV from abroad? (updated September 2019)

Sling TV is not a TV channel on its own, but it is a service in which lots of TV channels and streams can be found, and in addition it serves as a streaming service for films and movies. If you want to watch and enjoy Sling TV on your computer or on some other device, keep on reading for information on how this works.

Sling TV is a service available to people located in the United States and you will find it to be a great service and a needed service as several networks and TV channels in the USA require you to have a cable network subscription for you to be able to watch their live streams online. However with Sling TV you do not need any extra subscriptions or actual cable TV subscription, all you need is to sign up to Sling TV and you will be ready to go and then you can watch ESPN, History Channel, Disney Channel, NBCSN, HBO, CNN, AMC, TNT and lots of other channels online. This is first of all about letting you watch the live streams, so this is not a place to look for lots of episodes of your favorite show like on Netflix, but this is about letting you watch your favorite TV channels live online.

One more great TV channel besides ESPN is that you can also pay a bit extra and then you can watch Universal Sport, a sports service from NBC on which you can often watch Olympics, World Cups and other action, which has not been available for most people because a cable subscription was needed for this to work.

How to watch Sling TV abroad?

If you want to watch Sling TV from outside the USA you will need to sign up for a VPN provider, and we recommend the services of PureVPN for this purpose. If you visit their website you can sign up for their services, download their client which is available for all platforms and connect to a server in the United States. This will at once give you a US IP address which again will make it possible for you to watch Sling TV online from all across the world, after all you have an American IP address and to everyone it will look as if you are located in the United States.PureVPN

Click the button above and sign up for the PureVPN services and you are ready to go within a few minutes. Be aware of the fact that PureVPN also has a seven day money back policy, so if you are not satisfied you will get your money back!

With Sling TV you can not only get access to lots of American stuff, but since August 2016 you can also use Sling TV to watch Premier League online on NBCSN which is included in the Sling TV Blue package.

Sling TV online from abroad
Watching ESPN live on Sling TV
CNN Live on Sling TV
Watching CNN live on Sling TV
HBO live on Sling TV
HBO live on Sling TV

If your goal is to watch HBO it is a better solution to go for HBO Now, but if you simply want a combination of a whole lot of sports streams combined with other fun, then Sling TV is a brilliant solution.

Watching Sling TV on Android systems

For you to be able to download the Sling TV application to your Android device (mobile or tablet) you need to download the PureVPN client to your Android device through the App store first. Once this is done you start the application and connect to a server in the USA. When this is done you enter Settings – Applications and find Google Play Store. As you open this you need to Clear Data. When this is done you open the Google Play Store again and accept the legal agreement and now you are in the US store, in which you will be able to download the Sling TV application. When this is downloaded just run it and enjoy watching Sling TV on your Android system.

It might be that after deleting all App data in Google Play Store that you will need to restart your mobile/Android device. Do not forget to connect to the US server using PureVPN again before trying to download the application from the App store.

Watching Sling TV on iOS systems

If you want to watch Sling TV on your iPad or on your iPhone you first need to get yourself an Apple ID with a US registered address. You can easily change your address which is connected to your profile as you manage your Apple ID, but be aware of the fact that if you have running subscriptions in your current nations those will probably not work from the moment you change your nation.

If you have your Apple ID set with a US address you will use the US Apple Store and there you will be able to download Sling TV. You will still need the IP address in the USA using PureVPN for the streaming itself to work though!

We mentioned earlier that we did not really like the Windows application for Sling TV, but the application made for iOS and Android systems are much better. They look very much the same, but still they feel much nicer on both Android and iOS systems! Have fun watching Sling TV online from abroad.

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    I find that services like Amazon can figure out that you are trying to access streaming via a proxy VPN and it is blocked. If this is different, please let me know and I’ll try it.

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