How to watch the World Beach Games 2019 online?

From October 12th until October 16th, the World Beach Games will be arranged in Doha in Qatar. Would you like to watch the event online? Where can you stream the events and the cool sports? This guide will tell you more about the World Beach Games and how to stream it online!

Qatar is doing its uttermost to learn as much as possible about organizing big events before the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The city of Doha has just finished organizing the IAAF World Athletics Championships, and now it is time for the World Beach Games to be arranged. And yes, Doha will be a frequently used city during the World Cup in 2022, meaning that this is good practicing for the city.

The World Beach Games will be a fantastic event for those who love sports not yet accepted as Olympic sports. Here the contestants will compete in the following sports:

  1.  3×3 basketball 
  2. Beach soccer 
  3.  Beach handball
  4. Karate kata
  5.  Kiteboarding 
  6.  Park skateboarding
  7. Bouldering
  8. Open water swimming 
  9.  Beach tennis 
  10.  Aquathlon 
  11. 4×4 beach volleyball
  12. Wakeboarding 
  13. Waterski jumping 
  14. Beach wrestling

But, what will happen when during the World Beach Games 2019? Here you can see the full schedule showing the dates for the different events.

World Beach Games 2019 schedule

What will happen when during the World Beach Games in 2019?
A schedule for the World Beach Games in 2019!

Doesn’t this sound very interesting to you? But, where can you watch the event online?

How to watch the World Beach Games online?

Little is to be known about the broadcasting of this event around the world, but there is one exception and that is the Olympic Channel in the United States. Here they will broadcast from the event. It will most likely be a free event, but it might also be that you need a subscription to watch the live streams from the World Beach Games on the Olympics channel. You can give it a try. Even if the live streams from the World Beach Games on the Olympic Channel are free, you will still need to use a VPN to get an American IP address (which is needed to stream the World Beach Games on TV in the United States).

To get an American IP address, I recommend using the VPN services of PureVPN, a very cheap option and a good working method for this purpose. And coming as a bonus, you can even use PureVPN to unblock Netflix, BBC, ITV, and to watch the Rugby World Cup online.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

There is no need to worry about PureVPN. They have the longest refund policy on the market (valid for 31-days), and they have applications created for Windows, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Android devices (phones, tablets, TVs), gaming consoles, and even for Linux devices. If you purchase a subscription, then you can use it on five devices simultaneously.

To watch the World Beach Games 2019 online on the Olympic Channel using PureVPN, simply connect to a server in the USA and visit the Olympic Channel website.

If you need a subscription to the Olympic Channel in addition (something I doubt), then you can fix this without owning an actual cable subscription in the USA. You can then sign up for either Hulu Live TV, Fubo TV or for Sling TV (the latter is the cheapest option).

Often smaller events like this one also have free streams available on Facebook and on YouTube, but we haven’t discovered anyone yet, so we cannot say anything for sure! If you know anything, please write a comment and let us know about it.

More about the World Beach Games

There will be a total of 1237 athletes partaking in this big event. They represent 97 different countries, which all compete in 14 different events. After six days of competing, more than 350 medals will have been given away!

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