Is Strongblock one of the best investments in 2022? Is it still worth it?

In January 2021, we wrote an article about why we believed Strongblock to be one of the best investments in 2021. At that time, the price of one token was approximately $25, and the number of active Strongblock nodes (Ethereum nodes) was 3500. Then in the end of August 2021, we followed up with a new article titled “Is Strongblock still one of the best investments in 2021?” At that time, the price was about $300. Then in November, we wrote an article titled: “Is Strongblock a Ponzi scheme?

Now it is March 2022, and the interest around Strongblock is still big. But, is it worth investing? Is this a project heading downwards, just like the career of Christiano Ronaldo, or is Strongblock going to shine again? It is important to remember that one STRONG token traded at above $1000 in October 2021, while the current price is below $200. The project will soon reach 400,000 nodes, meaning that there will be great selling pressure caused by the rewards of the protocol, and it will be hard to keep the price even at the current levels with increasing sell pressure. So, is Strongblock still one of the best investments in 2022?

This article was written in March 2022. Since then, a lot has happened, and for StrongBlock, those things are really bad. Instead of reading this article, I suggest that you check the following instead. There you can see that the tiny optimism I had writing this article has disappeared, and I see little or no reason at all to invest in StrongBlock anymore.

invest in strongblock in 2022

Should I invest in Strongblock in 2022?

With a current STRONG price of $190, you will have to spend approximately $1900 to create a node (as 10 STRONG tokens are required). If you create a Polygon node it will take you approximately 100 days to get your 10 STRONG in return, while it will take more like 110 days with an Ethereum node.

But, what will 1 STRONG be worth in 4 months from now? Will it be worth more (making it absolutely worth it), or will it be worth less, making it take even longer for you to get your investment value in return? In other words, should you dare to invest in Strongblock in 2022?

Invest in Strongblock in 2022 – PROS

Strongblock is the pioneer in the industry dealing with rewarding node owners, and they are led by the famous (in the blockchain industry) David Moss. And yes, that is extremely important to remember and to know when you consider Strongblock as a possible project to invest in. How come?

While the other node protocols might have doxxed teams (verified teams whose personalities are known), none of them have leaders with the name David Moss. He is a former leader of EOSIO (developing EOS) and he has a lot to live up to. It can almost be compared to having Ronald Koeman or maybe Steven Gerrard as a football manager. They might not be the biggest hotshots of them all, but they are extremely respected and well-known, and thus they also know that mistakes can be crucial for the rest of their careers. They would never just leave a ship and rug it, but they have a reputation to live up to. And yes, David Moss is doing his uttermost to develop and to run Strongblock in a healthy way.

Besides the fact that David Moss is leading the project, it is vital to understand the importance of the upcoming StrongChain. Yes, Strongblock will launch their very own chain, and this is extremely important seen from the perspective of sustainability and scalability.

How will StrongChain help Strongblock in the future?

Strongblock is constantly among the top ten users of gas on the Ethereum blockchain, and very often among the top three users. If you take a look at the picture below, you can see that in the last 24 hours, Strongblock users have spent more than 135 Ethereum tokens paying for transactions fees. Can you imagine what will happen once StrongChain is launched? Instead of paying those fees to Ethereum miners, the fees can remain within the protocol and be used to pay rewards and other features. In other words, it will immediately help make the protocol way more sustainable.

strongblock ethereum fees

Having its own chain will also make the protocol faster, easier to control, easier to develop, and extremely suitable for the goal of Strongblock, to run nodes, and to make blockchains stronger.

Strongblock will also implement decaying rewards for nodes over time, meaning that all nodes will not receive the same amount of rewards, but the rewards will decrease with time, also decreasing the sell pressure.

It is also important to know that the STRONG token will turn more and more into a governance token, and besides that, a new token named STRONGER will come into being with a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens. It is also important to know that the STRONGER token will be distributed to STRONG holders and node owners, meaning that actually owning nodes and STRONG tokens will most likely give you a nice extra boost as the STRONGER token comes into being.

Investing in Strongblock in 2022 – CONS

There is a risk involved whenever you invest in cryptocurrencies or anything related to money. But, if you consider buying STRONG tokens, either for the sake of creating a node, or just buying tokens and hoping for a price increase and then sell with profit, these are a couple of dangers you should be aware of!

There is a big sell pressure with nearly 400,000 nodes created, meaning that there is a daily emission of nearly 40,000 STRONG tokens in rewards to node owners and STRONG stakers. This is causing people to sell their tokens, even if the price is much lower than when they invested, simply to grab as much “profits” as possible.

It is also a fact that “node” protocols have been very hyped, and often they only survive for a short time, before the sell pressure becomes to big. But, unlike the other node protocols, Strongblock has already been around for soon 20 months, meaning that they have survived much longer than the others and they are still going strong, and they are planning for their biggest expansion with Strongchain to be launched in 2022, in addition to Fantom nodes and much more.

It should also be mentioned that the market in general is very insecure, and the Russia-Ukraine situation and how it might evolve can have a very negative impact on the market (or it might have the very opposite effect). In other words, investing is extremely risky no matter which crypto you buy, but a node project like Strongblock should most likely be included on a list of higher risk investments than buying simple blue-chip tokens such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Bitcoin, and similar cryptocurrencies.


What do you think? Is it worth buying STRONG tokens and creating nodes in 2022? Do you consider the risk to be too high, or is the current price actually making this one of the best investment opportunities in 2022? We would love to hear your thoughts and your comments on the issue!

3 thoughts on “Is Strongblock one of the best investments in 2022? Is it still worth it?

  1. Scott A Volz says:

    When Moss enacted the life of the node to 20 tokens, He killed me. I bought my nodes in February of 2022. You made it impossible for me to get my return. It’s typical. When people have the power to manipulate the rules of the game. They take the small people out. I invested with an understanding pay the fees to keep my nodes active and in just a couple months they changed the rules of the game. My nodes are never going to pay back even half my investment. That’s just pathetic.

  2. donny says:

    I invested 55k into strongblock in january of 2022. I believe the project will continue to grow. 55k is 50% of my net worth, so it is sink or swim for me!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I would never suggest doing an investment that you will is like sink or swim, but I do hope that with time, you will get your investment in return, manifold! Good luck, and I do believe you will have made a great deal, but time will prove if we are correct or not!

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