Liverpool vs Chelsea – Online Streaming Guide [August 28]

Liverpool will play against Chelsea in the Premier League on the twenty-eight of August. This will be the third match this season for both teams, and both of them come to the match with six points. In other words, they have won both their matches so far. But, after the match, this Saturday, one or both of the teams will end their winning streak. Which team will it be? Can Rumelu Lukaku score again, or will Virgil van Dijk be able to stop him? Are you dreaming of streaming the match between Liverpool and Chelsea online? Here I will give you useful information and tips that will help you stream this and other Premier League matches online!

A few hours before the match between Liverpool and Chelsea on Anfield Road, there will be another top-match in the Premier League as Arsenal will travel from London to Manchester in order to play against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. The odds in favor of Manchester City are big, considering that they have a fantastic team. Another factor is the fact that Arsenal still hasn’t managed to grab a single point in the Premier League so far this season. Will they be able to turn that around against the mighty Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium? Of course, Manchester City lost their first match this season against another London team (Tottenham). Will they lose yet another match against a different London team?

And will Liverpool lose against another London team, that is, against Chelsea? Would you like to stream these matches online? Did you know that you can watch both these matches live on the American streaming service named PeacockTV? And did you know that the monthly fee for the service is only $5? If you look at Sky Sports in the UK, then the price of a daily streaming pass is more like $10, so you will get way more value for your money with PeacockTV. But, how can you stream PeacockTV if you live outside the USA? I have created a guide right here explaining to you how it can be done!

liverpool - chelsea

Once again – how to stream Liverpool vs Chelsea online

So, let me tell it you once again. The best way to watch Liverpool vs Chelsea online is on the American streaming service named PeacockTV. But, there are other options as well.

  • Stream the match on the American streaming service named PeacockTV. It is cheap and very easy to use. It might require some effort the first time as you will need an American payment card and a VPN subscription, but once that is in order, you are ready to stream lots of Premier League football online at a very low cost.
  • You can purchase a FuboTV subscription. This will give you access to all live football from most of Europe and also the big competitions such as the Champions League and more. But it is way more expensive, so you can get access to all the same content at lower prices with other solutions.
  • You can buy a day pass or a monthly pass with NOW TV in the UK and watch the Sky Sports live streams available there. This is a bit more complicated, but using a VPN and a computer, it is possible to fix it.

So, those are the best options if you want to stream the match online on a legal platform without all sorts of junk, pop-ups, ads, spyware, phishing sites, and more!

Which team will you cheer for? Do you believe Chelsea will be better than Liverpool? Or are the soldiers of Jurgen Klopp a better team? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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