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Malta – Czech Republic live on the web tonight

Malta - Czech RepublicIt is getting towards an end for the qualification for next years World Championship in Football in Rio in Brazil. Tonights match between Malta and the Czech Republic might be an important one in those matters, and if you want to watch it online it can be done using a VPN.

If you live in the Czech Republic you can watch it live on Ceska Televizie, but if you want to watch it from abroad you need a Czech IP address, but that is not enough, because quite a lot of the IP addresses provided by VPN providers in Czech Republic is blocked by Ceska Teleivize. There is however one provider with Czech IP addresses that will let you watch Ceska Televizie from abroad and that is IPVanish. So, if you want to watch the World Championship match tonight between Malta and the Czech Republic on the Internet, sign up for IPVanish (read our review), connect to their server in the Prague, Czech Republic, and then visit the website of the channel and watch the match from wherever you are in the world.


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