Mike Ross returns to Suits season 9

A few days ago, I wrote my article on how to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix. In the article, I mentioned that Mike Ross might return to be a part of the last season, but I didn’t know anything for sure. Then a new trailer was released, and all doubts are thrown away… Patrick J. Adams, aka Mike Ross, will return to be a part of Suits season 9.

The law firm is in grave trouble as Suits season 9 begins. They are about to lose it all, and every move they make is followed. So, what can they do to fix the trouble? It seems like a return of Mike Ross be exactly what they need to fix the trouble they are facing.

Watch the following trailer to see some clips based on season 9, and it is also a walk down history lane of what has happened in Suits so far.

As I have mentioned earlier, I haven’t watched the most recent episodes and seasons of Suits, but will most likely do a comeback for the ninth and final season. It looks so interesting, and I cannot see to wait how it all will end. This will not be the first time I return to a TV series after skipping some seasons. I recently did the same with The Blacklist season 6 and it was a big success. So, if you haven’t seen the most recent seasons of Suits, go ahead and watch them before the premiere of season 9 on July 17th, or just skip them and start streaming the new season on July 17th on Netflix.

What’s up with Harvey and Donna?

The eight season ended up with a hot scene between Harvey and Donna, and that was something fans have been waiting for a very long time. But, how will this develop in the final season? Will their relationship and affair cause trouble when they enter the office?

The season is said to reveal more about the real characters of the lawyers, and make a final statement of who they are and who they want to be.

Maybe it will be an amusing final season, or maybe it will turn into a sad season with tears in which we wave goodbye to our favorite law firm? I don┬Ęt know, but I am quite sure that I will be among the first to stream the brand new episodes on Netflix as they are released.

Mike Ross will return for Suits season 9
Mike Ross will return for Suits season 9

What are your expectations to the final Suits season?

What do you look forward to in the final season of Suits? Do you have some special wishes or expectations? I guess we all would love for Meghan Markle to return, but due to her being a part of the royal family of England, and also the fact that she gave birth during the time of recording for the final season, there isn’t much hope for her actually to show up. But, we have been promised that Mike will give us an update on the state of Rachel (Meghan Markle), so at least we will get to know what she has been up to.

Let me know your thoughts and expectations!

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