Mike Ross still hasn’t returned to Suits

We are only a few hours away from Suits season 9 episode 3 on the USA Network, and Mike Ross still hasn’t returned. Quite a lot of us believed he would return for the second episode of the season, but he was nowhere to be seen in that episode. In the promo for the third episode, there is no sight of him, which might support the rumors of Mike Ross only returning for the latter half of Suits season 9.

I have got to say that I do miss Mike, and I do look forward to his return for the ninth and final Suits season. There has been quite a lot of complaints related to the plot of the actual season, and I can understand that. The entire trouble with the bar and removing Robert Zane’s name from the wall both feels unrealistic and stupid… but, we got to eat what we are served, even if we do not like it as much as we hoped for.

But, maybe Mike Ross will bring some positive changes to the final season with his arrival?

Instructions on how to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix

Suits season 9 on Netflix

As you probably know already, you can easily watch Suits season 9 on Netflix. It isn’t hard at all, so watch the video above, or check the following article written here in the IP Guide. At first, I expected the episodes to be released already on Thursdays on Netflix, but I was wrong. It then turned out that the new episodes will be released on Saturdays, but as I watched the most recent Suits episode on Netflix, they wrote that the new episodes will be released on Friday’s. So, I am not sure if we will have to wait until Friday or Saturday to stream Suits season 9 episodes 3 on Netflix, but the most important is… the episode will come to Netflix very soon!

I guess it will all run down without Mike Ross, but the closer we get to the end, the more likely for every episode that our missing hero will turn up and save the day!

How do you like Suits season 9 so far? Are you satisfied?

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