NordVPN vs. VyprVPN – Which is the best VPN provider?

NordVPN and VyprVPN are both well-known VPN providers. Are you about to choose between one of the VPN providers? Which is worth your money? Which will help you stream most websites? Will NordVPN or VyprVPN give you the most value for your money?

NordVPN vs VyprVPN - The big VPN battle

Have you ever been out riding with a taxi. You know it was supposed to cost you about 10 Euro, but instead, you had to pay 20 Euro to the driver. It doesn’t ruin you, but it is a terrible feeling knowing that you have paid more than you should have paid, and you feel kind of ripped off afterward. So, what is the truth about NordVPN and VyprVPN? Will you regret your purchase afterward if you purchase a subscription to NordVPN, once you get to learn more about VyprVPN? Or maybe vice versa? You don’t have to worry about that anymore, because in this article we will give you the most important information about both NordVPN and VyprVPN, and actually compare them with one another.

Some of the questions we will answer in this comparison are:

  • Is NordVPN more expensive than VyprVPN?
  • Which is the fastest VPN provider – NordVPN or VyprVPN?
  • Is VyprVPN better than NordVPN for unblocking streaming sites?
  • Which has the best full refund policy?
  • Which provider lets you use one subscription on most devices simultaneously?
  • Is it preferable with a VPN provider located in Switzerland (VyprVPN) compared to one located in Panama (NordVPN)?
  • Is the VyprVPN VPN application looking nicer than the VPN app of NordVPN?

These are just some of the topics that we will cover in this article comparing VyprVPN and NordVPN. Keep on reading to find your answers. If you just want to visit one of the websites of the mentioned VPN providers, click the buttons beneath.

NordVPN75% discount – 30-day full refund

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NordVPN vs. VyprVPN – Let the battle begin!

Both players have entered the ring. It is time for the battle to begin.

Panama (NordVPN) vs. Switzerland (VyprVPN)

If this was a chocolate competition, you would for sure go to Switzerland. If it was a competition about which country gives you the highest wages, Switzerland would win easily. If the question is which country enjoys the most sunshine, Panama would win. But, which country is preferable when you buy a VPN subscription?

There are certain countries that have agreements on giving and sharing data about companies and private persons with one another. If you surf the Internet in one of these countries, you can for sure say that your private information is at risk. But, it isn’t only a risk if you surf the Internet in such a country, it should also be considered a risk if your VPN provider is located in a nation like that. Now, Switzerland is not a part of the EU, and they have a very solid law when it comes to taking care of the privacy of its Internet users.

But, when it comes to my confidential information, I do consider Panama to be a better country for storing my confidential information than Switzerland. Of course, I might trust Swiss technology more than I trust Panama and their technology, but a VPN provider in Switzerland feels much closer to the EU and all the laws about sharing of data, meaning that I might actually prefer NordVPN and Panama to Switzerland and VPN when it comes to being my VPN provider.

The price question – NordVPN vs VyprVPN

We don’t like paying too much for services, and if it is possible to save money, then we always enjoy doing so. But, which VPN provider is the cheapest, NordVPN or VyprVPN? Here you can see the prices currently available at their websites if you purchase a subscription.

1-month11,95 USD12,95 USD
1-year83 USD45 USD
2-year119 USD60 USD
3 -year125 USD

What can we say about these prices? If you just want a subscription for one month, NordVPN is cheaper. But in all other situations, VyprVPN is a way cheaper VPN provider than NordVPN. Of course, there are some super discounts available at the NordVPN website from time to time, but still, they have little chance at comparing with the VyprVPN prices no matter what.

The NordVPN price plans
The NordVPN price plans

Does this make VyprVPN the best solution? Well, if what they offer is enough for you, then I would say that they are the best. But, we have already discussed their location and privacy policies, but what about their VPN speeds, and are they able to unblock websites in the same way? Read on, to discover which is the best VPN provider for you, VyprVPN or NordVPN!

Which is the fastest VPN – NordVPN or VyprVPN?

We have done recent tests of both the VPN providers to discover which is the fastest. Our initial download speed was very similar in front of both tests, but how much did the different VPN connections slow down our speeds? Our initial download speed before using VyprVPN was about 500 Mbps, while we during our NordVPN speed test had an initial download speed of 121 Mbps. What happened once we connected to different VPN servers provided by VyprVPN and NordVPN? Check the results here.

NordVPN (121 Mbps before test)VyprVPN (500 Mbps before test)
United States113 Mbps 39 Mbps / 93 Mbps
United Kingdom106 Mbps22,3 Mbps
Brazil78 Mbps33,3 Mbps
India103 Mbps28 Mbps
Netherlands107 Mbps135 Mbps

What can you say about the differences here? To be honest, NordVPN is totally crushing VyprVPN. It is not even a close battle. In fact, if my initial speed would have been faster during the NordVPN test, I believe I would have gotten even faster download speeds, so it looks as if my basic download speed set the limit for the NordVPN download speeds here. What do I mean? My speed before testing was 121 Mbps, and most of the results ended up really close to this. So, it is most likely my connection speed that created the limits for the NordVPN download speeds.

With VyprVPN, however, I had an initial speed of 500 Mbps, but I had download speeds around 50 Mbps, meaning 10% of my initial speed. That is a giant difference. But, the VyprVPN speeds are also enough for most online activities that you could and would imagine, but compared to NordVPN, they remind me of an old lady walking with a crutch next to Usain Bolt.

A comparison of features – NordVPN vs VyprVPN

It might be that NordVPN is killing it when it comes to downloading speeds, but what about the features these VPN providers come with? Is VyprVPN better at certain stuff than NordVPN? Or is NordVPN the provider to embrace? Below you can see a little comparison of functions and features coming with the different VPN providers.

Simultaneous connections56
Refund policy30 days30 days
Split tunnelingincludedincluded
IP Shuffle
P2P (Torrenting)all serversall servers
Apps for larger platformsincludedincluded
Browser extensionsincluded
Servers67 countries58 countries
Live support on the websiteavailableavailable
Cyber-Sec (Malware protection)included
Double VPNincluded
VPN over TORincluded

If you look at the list above, you will see that there are many similarities between the providers. They both allow simultaneous connections, they support split-tunneling, they will let you download torrents, they come with live support, and they have 30-day refund policies. NordVPN is better when it comes to applications, as they also have browser extensions. This is one way to make sure that only your browser activities use the VPN, instead of running all your Internet traffic through the VPN. It is split-tunneling, in one way. Some find these extensions to be really useful.

NordVPN also has servers in more countries than VyprVPN, but the difference isn’t really that big here. Since most people only connect to servers in a few countries, that is why matter to you, not whether or not the VPN providers has a server in Syria or not!

There are, however, some functions that you will only find with NordVPN. You have the Cyber-Sec function, an add-on that will protect you from malware and harmful sites when enabled. It is very easy to enable, and it will give you one extra layer of protection as you surf the web. I call this a sweet bonus coming with the subscription. They also make it easy to surf even safer with their Double VPN connections (which will connect you to one VPN server, and then to another), or using NordVPN in the Tor Network.

Which has the nicest looking VPN applications, NordVPN or VyprVPN?

Normally I would say that the look of the VPN application isn’t really that important. I still believe that to be so. How come? You spend very little time actually looking at the VPN application. It is just something that will run in the background, meaning that you will normally spend less than a minute actually looking at the application.

But, if you know something about gastronomy, you also know that the look matters. The food might taste delicious, but if it looks like dog poop, you will start tasting with a sense of disgust and it will heavily influence the way you think and feel about the food. And that is why the look of a VPN application actually matters. But, what’s up with the VPN applications of VyprVPN and NordVPN?

The nordVPn application

The NordVPN application is really clean and pure, and you can easily connect to servers worldwide, or connect to a double VPN connection, Onion over VPN, or a P2P server (ideal for torrenting and more). The settings can be found by clicking the settings logo in the upper right corner, and there you can easily setup whether or not you want to use the kill-switch, run NordVPN upon startup, and so much more. It is a nice looking application, so there is no bad to say about it.

The VyprVPN application

The VyprVPN application is running and loading faster than the NordVPN, probably because it doesn’t show the fancy map and so. That is quite nice if you want something that loads very fast. The application itself is minimalistic. You can easily connect, and you can easily alter the few settings available. So, very fast, very quick, and extremely easy to use. But, some might miss some of the functions available with NordVPN, however, if easy is the thing and fast, VyprVPN is a bit quicker. But, it also looks a bit old-fashioned and retro, so feel free to make up your own mind!

What’s up with unblocking websites? NordVPN vs VyprVPN

Maybe you don’t care about all the features mentioned above. But, you are much more interested in whether or not you can stream DisneyPlus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, ITV, Hulu, NBC, and other streaming providers and TV networks online using the service. Or maybe you just want access to Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site currently blocked in the country you are in?

Things might change all the time, but what I am about to write seems to be the truth about the two VPN providers and what sites they are able to unblock!

VyprVPN vs. NordVPN – Netflix

Both VPN providers are able to unblock Netflix in the United States, in the UK, and in Canada. VyprVPN is also working with Netflix in Germany, while NordVPN works with Netflix in the Netherlands, in Japan, and in some other countries.

One important difference is that NordVPN includes a SmartDNS, so if you connect to a VPN server in a country where NordVPN doesn’t work with Netflix, they will give you access to American Netflix instead. If you do the same with VyprVPN, you will see the proxy error message instead.

VyprVPN vs. NordVPN – Amazon Prime

During my most recent tests, VyprVPN worked well with Amazon Prime, while NordVPN did not. I know this is often changing, and it also depends on which device you are using. It is always easier to make a VPN unblock a site on Mac and in Windows (than on Android and iOS systems), but if Amazon Prime is crucial to you, write a comment, and I will test it again just to make sure that you find a VPN that works with Amazon Prime.

VyprVPN vs. NordVPN – Disney+, Hulu, CBS, NBC

NordVPN works smoothly with all the mentioned streaming services, while VyprVPN has trouble with both Hulu and Disney+. But, for most other streaming sites in the United States, both providers will help you unblock the services.

What about all the other streaming sites like BBC and more?

Both VPN providers should be able to unblock BBC and ITV in the UK, ZDF/ARD in Germany, Rai in Italy, and so much more for you. NordVPN has had some trouble with BBC and ITV on Android and iOS systems, but it should work on Windows computer and on your Macintosh from Apple.

Which is the best - NordVPN or VyprVPN?

NordVPN vs VyprVPN – and the winner is!

If you have read through this entire comparison of VyprVPN and NordVPN, you have soon read more than 2000 words. That is quite an accomplishment, and it proves that you are interested in finding the best VPN provider. If both VPN providers came at an identical price, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that NordVPN is the recommended VPN provider. Their speeds are better, their VPN applications look nicer, and they have some neat extra functions, and also work on some more streaming sites than VyprVPN.

But, given the fact that VyprVPN is quite a lot cheaper (when buying a long-time subscription), I would actually consider their services, at least if all you want is to access American Netflix. If you need access to a special streaming site or need brilliant download speeds, then go for NordVPN. But, if all you want is encryption and access to some geo-blocked sites, VyprVPN will most likely get the job done as well!

NordVPN75% discount – 30-day full refund

Would you like to give NordVPN a try? Click the button above to visit their website. Do not forget, they have a solid 30-day full refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can simply ask for your money back!


Would you rather buy a cheaper long-term subscription with VyprVPN? Or maybe just see if their prices have changed? Click the button above to visit their website.

Which provider will you choose – NordVPN or VyprVPN?

Have you read through this text and made a decision? Which VPN provider will you choose? Write a comment and let us know about your decision, and also let us know why you made that decision. if you have an experience to share, please write it as well!

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