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Now you can earn free crypto by answering questions on Coinbase!

Would you like to earn some free crypto? If you register an account at the popular platform named Coinbase, you can do so! I have done it myself and it is working. In addition, you will receive $10 worth of Bitcoin in addition if you buy $100 on the platform. But, what is this, and how does it work?

The first thing you need is to visit the Coinbase website and register an account there.

When you have registered your account, you can easily buy cryptocurrencies, trade cryptocurrencies, and you can also do some super-short and easy courses to earn free cryptocurrencies. I have just earned Graph, FET, COMP, CLV, and AMP tokens using this method.

earn with coinbase

The concept is very easy. You need to read through a couple of sentences of information about a certain cryptocurrency. When you have read through the short lesson (all lasting less than 1 minute), you can answer one question related to the topic you just read about, and if you answer correctly (you are even allowed to fail once), you will receive the promised amount of tokens at your Coinbase account immediately.

And let me say it once again, the questions are very easy, meaning that you can answer many of them even without reading through the lesson. But, considering that the lessons are really short and useful, I believe it is actually useful to go through it all because, in the end, you might actually learn something useful and get information about blockchains and services that you didn’t know about earlier.

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