NULS will be part of the Ethos Universal Wallet Community Airdrop

Ethos is getting ready for the release of their Universal Wallet. As the wallet is released, pre-registered users will be entitled to free airdrop of tokens from the Ethos partners, and the newest partner on the list is NULS.

Get free NULS with Ethos Universal Wallet

The release of the Ethos Universal Wallet is one of the releases I look most forward to in the crypto-world in 2018. We have all been waiting for it since 2017, and it feels as if the release is getting closer and closer for every day (and it for sure is). If you have pre-registered for the universal wallet, you will upon registering your wallet after its release, get free NULS tokens as a gift. We do not know anything about the number of tokens you will get, but whatever you get for free is a great gift, so I am very thankful.

In addition to Nuls, you will also get free tokens from SmartCash, BitDegree, aXpire, Bodhi, Flash, Lympo, FollowCoin, Zilla, Lala, Parachute, and Soma. It is even expected that more partners will be announced in the coming weeks (until release), so this is a fantastic start packet for everyone in love with cryptocurrencies and investing.

What is NULS about?

NULS is an open source project, a customizable modular blockchain. The goal of NULS is to make blockchain adoption easy for businesses, reducing the costs and making the technical barriers lower. As a result, the adoption of blockchain will be promoted, and new people and companies can enjoy this new technology, without being computer freaks or nerds.

In NULS the blockchain is divided into modules, making it easier to operate and use. The modules are divided modules such as network, account, ledger, storage, consensus, and smart contract. The different modules will operate independently.

Are you interested in receiving some free NULS coins?

You should visit the Ethos Universal Wallet page and pre-register for the wallet. As soon as the wallet is released you only need to finish the registration process, and you will be entitled to quite a lot of free coins, that is, free money! Enjoy

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