How to setup PureVPN PPTP connection on DD-WRT router?

If you have a DD-WRT router that you have just bought, or maybe you recently got some DD-WRT firmware installed on your old router, you are for sure eager to setup your router to connect automatically to your VPN provider, in this case PureVPN.

It is easy to do so, and here we will simply tell you what you need to do to get it working. Following these steps it will hopefully work, but we can of course not guarantee that it will. After all we also had some trouble getting it to work, and sometimes it felt as if we did the same stuff over and over again, before it suddenly started to work. But, this is at least what it looked like as we made PureVPN work on our DD-WRT router using PPTP protocol!

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PureVPN on DD-WRT router using PPTP protocol

First of all, go to Setup – Basic Setup

  • Choose PPTP.
  • Gateway (PPTP server) is the IP of the PureVPN server you want to connect to. The list of addresses can be found here.
  • Type your PureVPN username and password in the following fields.
  • Enable: Use DHCP.
  • Disable PPTP encryption.
  • Enable Packet Reordering.
  • Enable STP.

It should look something like this.
PPTP PureVPN DD-WRT router
Once you have made these changes you need to Apply Changes and then take some breath. Sometimes your router will reboot, or at least take a break, and then as you are ready to go again, press Status in the menu. Press Wan and next to Login Status make sure to Connect (if it has not automatically connected). Also, make sure to check Security – VPN Passthrough, that all protocols are allowed.

Hope it will work in this way. If you want to do it in a much easier way, visit Flashrouters and get yourself a pre-configured router of high quality there.

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