Should Elizabeth choose Rostova or Reddington?

The tenth episode of The Blacklist season 7 was titled Katarina Rostva. I had great expectations to the episode itself, knowing that the ninth episode ended with Elizabeth Keen pointing a gun towards Katarina Rostva. Was I satisfied with the things that actually happened in the episode?

Katarina Rostova quickly got to chat with Elizabeth Keen, and it didn’t take much time for her to get the attention of Elizabeth. In fact, it seemed to all of us as if she actually turned her into an ally quickly. So, when the rest of the bureau discovers what has really happened with Elizabeth and also more about the identity of her neighbor, Katarina will either be taken captive or hopefully survive, with the help of Elizabeth. As a result, Elizabeth helps Katarina escape, instead of handing her over to Raymond or to the FBI. Was this a vice decision to make?

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Harold Cooper in The Blacklist season 7 episode 10

While all this takes place, Raymond and the bureau tries to find out who is interrogating Ilza Kozlov, and the road leads through a man well trained in gathering information deeply suppressed. This as well leads them to the neighborhood of Elizabeth. In the tenth episode of The Blacklist, all roads lead to the home of Elizabeth, and not to Rome.

I watched this episode of The Blacklist on Netflix (like I normally do) and I had a great time. But, the one question I asked myself is: “Why would Elizabeth “betray” Raymond so quickly in order to save Katarina?”

Why would Elizabeth go with Katarina instead of Raymond?

I guess the answer is obvious. She is desperate to know the truth about herself, about her family, and about Reddington. Now she also knows that Raymond Reddington isn’t Ilza Kozlov, and if he isn’t, then who is he then? Has he lied to her once again? And at the same time, she has just met her mother, and that is something she has been longing for a long time as well. All these feelings make her follow in the path of Katarina instead of Raymond. Is it a wise decision? Time will show.

I got to agree with the words of Harold who said that Raymond never killed FBI agents (while we clearly see the men of Katarina kill two FBI agents in the tenth episode of season seven). That might be true, but it is also clear that Raymond has caused a lot of blood to flow the streets as well, so he isn’t a white sheep himself either.

I liked the events at the end of the episode, and the interesting turn it all took in the last five minutes. It was also fun to see Elizabeth say in the end that “After all, I am a Rostova.” Well, it will be interesting to see whether she will turn into a hard-core Rostova or if she will return to Reddington again. Also, if Raymond Reddington really loved Katarina (after all, the sixth season ended with them kissing), I find the end of the episode to be quite strange considering his reaction and the way he shares the news about the events he just witnessed to Elizabeth.

Now we have to wait until March to see how the story will go on!

The eleventh episode of The Blacklist season 7 will premiere on NBC in March 2020. Until then, we will just have to watch the earlier episodes over again or find some other show to watch. Maybe the final season of Blindspot will premiere on NBC before that, or what about the second season of the show Manifest? And if there is a lack of content to watch on NBC, why not stream the complete first season of The Mandalorian online, or what about His Dark Materials online? There are so many shows worth watching at the moment that I do not really know where to look at all.

Are you satisfied with The Blacklist season 7 so far? Are you streaming it on Netflix or somewhere else? What are your expectations for the final episodes of the season that will air on NBC from March 2020 until May 2020? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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