We have taken a closer look at Vanished VPN

There are simply to many VPN providers to keep count of all of them. But, recently we heard about Vanished VPN in an article published on Lifehacker, as as a result we decided to take a closer look at their services. Read through this little Vanished VPN review of ours, and share your experience if you feel like in the comment field.

Vanished VPN does not impress when you visit their website. It looks like a mess and after signing up it doesn’t get any better. We should therefore clearly state that we did not sign up to Vanished VPN because of their looks. It was however what they promised and what we read about in Lifehacker that made us so interested in their services.

Vanished VPN review
Here you can find our short Vanished VPN review

Vanished VPN and Netflix

In these days when getting access to Netflix in another region and first of all getting access to US Netflix is so hard, Vanished VPN claims to have found a solution. They claim to have found a workaround that makes Vanished VPN work with Netflix. What they have found out is unclear and they will for sure not want to share their intel with the world, but as of now it is working. And that was our sole reason for giving Vanished VPN a try… to check if it works for the purpose of accessing US Netflix.

Signing up with Vanished VPN

Vanished VPN is an Australian company and as you sign up you need to give address information and of course use a payment card to pay for their services (PayPal/BitCoin is not supported). They do have a free 3 day trial, meaning that you can try their services for free for three days, so there is no risk involved in trying their services.

We signed up and were ready to go quite fast. They do not have any applications ready, meaning that you will have to setup the VPN connections manually. That is quite easy, so it didn’t cause us any trouble, and hopefully it will not cause trouble for you either. Before we could start we had to wait for an email to arrive with our user name and password, but after 15 minutes it arrived and we were ready to connect and give Vanished VPN a try.

Giving Vanished VPN a try

We quickly created three different VPN connections in Windows, one for the American Netflix server, one for Canada and one for the UK. Out of curiosity we wanted to check if Netflix works in all three nations, but since they only promised Netflix to work in the USA we did not have high expectations related to accessing UK and Canadian Netlix with Vanished VPN.

We connected easily and visited Netflix.com. We then watched Spotlight and here you can see a screenshot taken as we watched Spotlight on US Netflix with Vanished VPN.

Watching Spotlight on Netflix with Vanished VPN
Watching Spotlight on US Netflix with Vanished VPN

Now that was the most important part for us to check it this works with US Netflix. We also did tests to check if the same connection worked for CBS All Access and for NBC and we had no problems watching any of these networks online using the same connection. As a result we can warmly say that Vanished VPN works well for US Netflix and other US services at the moment.

What about the other Vanished VPN servers?

We did try to connect to the Canadian server and the UK server to watch Netflix, but they seem to have blocked Netflix on these servers, meaning that you do not even get a chance to visit Netflix.com when connected to these. But, the UK connection worked perfectly for watching ITV online and BBC, meaning that you do get lots of great stuff as you subscribe to Vanished VPN.

A short Vanished VPN review wrap-up

The website looks like crap and the services is like most other VPN services, except from the fact that they claim to have found a workaround for accessing US Netflix. That is probably reason enough for lots of people to sign up for their services. If you want to give them a try simply visit vanishedvpn.com and check them out.

Be aware of the fact that they write about sports servers and how they will help you watch Premier League online and much more. That is kind of true, but they mention in small letters than lots of the channels they refer to (for example Sling.tv) requires you to have a plus subscription with that actual channel/network for it to work! They also recommend signing up for Hotstar in India to watch Premier League online, but they do forget to mention that signing up for Hotstar requires you to have an Indian bank card, which makes it almost impossible for most people outside India. They have a guide with instructions on how to fix it, but those instructions are vague and they can not guarantee that they will work.

Have you tried Vanished VPN? Did you like their services? Where you satisfied? Write your own short Vanished VPN review in the comment field and let us know!

7 thoughts on “We have taken a closer look at Vanished VPN

  1. Paul Bradley says:

    I’ve been with VanishedVPN for over a year now. Great service, customer support is brilliant, and they continue to work for US Netflix flawlessly (not sure where Richard Clark got his info).

  2. Richard Clark says:

    As with all current VPNs this service no longer unblocks the US Netflix site so if your reason for signing up is for this little gem, forget it. The only way to gain access to the US Netflix site nowadays is to get yourself a VPN who will provide you with a static IP located in the US which cannot be used by anyone else but also makes tracking your activities much easier.

    Any VPN provider these days who require all your personal details etc to sign up has to be treated with a degree of concern and the site makes no mention if they do or do nott retain any logs of user activity.

    Seems somewhat amateurish and suspect and there are far better Aussie VPN offerings for less cost who guarantee no logging of activity and allow payment by anonymous sources.

  3. Brett says:

    Worst vpn I have ever used, the speed was below 1mbps and they blamed it on my ‘environment’ which it was not.

    In terms of service and support it was non existent, save your money and use smart DNS if you want Netflix

  4. James says:

    I’ve been with them for a month and a half. The service is brilliant!
    Easy to use but remember to toggle it off as it is so effective that you can’t use ABC iView if it’s on.

  5. Shirk Wirter says:

    Probably set you up with a “safe” server until you sign up, then you are shunted onto a blocked server = goodbye money – goodbye Netflix.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Thanks for commenting… I signed up just as the article was written originally. It worked back then. And now as you wrote this comment I thought I should try to watch US Netflix using VanishedVPN again, and it still works. Looks good so far!

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