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The fourth week of the OlympusDAO fork investment/experiment

The fourth week has caused big changes in the list of forks involved in the OlympusDAO fork experiment. Last week we removed Snowbank from the list (and replaced it with OlympusDAO), and this week, two more projects have been removed from the list, TaiChi and Jade Protocol. The first (TaiChi) was rugged completely, while Jade Protocol has totally changed direction, they have removed their rebase rewards, and are now turning into what they once hated… a VC (Venture Capitalist). It might be that Jade will once regain value, but it no longer deserves a place in our experiment.

In order to keep it up with 11 projects, we have as of today replaced Jade Protocol with Metaverse Pro (also running on Binance Smart Chain) and we have replaced TaiChi with MagnetDAO (running on Avalanche). Since these are brand new investments, we will first see the actual outcome of the investments next week. It should also be mentioned that it wouldn’t be fair to make $1000 investments in these projects considering that almost all other projects have fallen in value to somewhere between $300 and $500. As a result, we invested approximately $400 in both projects, meaning that it is starting at approximately the same value as many of the other projects included in the experiment. No matter what, time is the biggest test for any of these projects, and any project that stays alive for 6 months of more will for sure produce a nice profit, so we truly believe that time is even more important than the actual investment amount.

the best rebase protocols last week

But, let us take a look at the investment status as of January 5th in 2022.

The investment status as of January 5th in 2022

December 8thDecember 29thJanuary 5th
Euphoria ($WAGMI)1.41 ($1000)2.38 ($337)2.80 ($442)
FortressDAO ($FORT)27 ($1000)39.62 ($427)44.83 ($433)
Gyro ($GYRO)2.60 ($1000)3.57 ($447)3.82 ($296)
HectorDAO ($HEC)8.2 ($1000)12.78 ($802)14.85 ($922)
JADE ($JADE)2.6 ($1000)4.58 ($105)REMOVED
KlimaDAO ($KLIMA)1.73 ($1000)2.40 ($848)2.70 ($605)
PapaDAO ($PAPA)51.2 ($1000)165 ($325)193 ($400)
Snowbank ($SB)1.74 ($1000)REMOVED
Spartacus ($SPA)9.8 ($1000)14.20 ($316)14.71 ($373)
TaiChi ($TAC)26.5 ($1000)42.70 ($230)REMOVED
Wonderland ($TIME)0.2 ($1000)0.28 ($1004)0.33 ($888)
OlympusDAO ($OHM)2.57 OHM ($993)2.86 ($953)
MagnetDAO ($MAG)134 ($350)
Metaverse PRO ($META)5.7 ($375)
  • Value of original investment: $11,700.
  • Current value of the investment: $6037

What do the numbers tell us?

If we just look at the price movement from the last week, then it can clearly be seen that WAGMI (Euphoria), HEC (HectorDAO), PAPA (PapaDAO) and SPA (Spartacus) have had a fairly good week, while FortressDAO Is keeping its pace at a normal rate (it has been quite stable recently). GyroMoney seems to be slowly just disappearing, but they are promising some great news for 2022, but we haven’t seen much of that yet. KlimaDAO also had a bad week when looking at the price action, meaning that it after a few weeks with a fairly good performance, it suddenly dropped quite a bit last week.

Wonderland has been the leading currency since the start, but based on the recent price drop, the OlympusDAO and the HectorDAO investment are currently the best investments (even though they are still both in minus compared to the original investment.

It is very important to notice that this isn’t a sprint, but a long-distance run. A protocol might see red numbers frequently, but if they manage to stick around and keep up the work, then investors will still be in plus due to the high rebase rewards. We might not see that after one week or one month, but this will be seen clearly after 5-6 months and even more in one year.

Would you like to read more about this investment and the different protocols included? You can find the full article about the experiment right here! There you can also see the results from every single week, meaning that you will get a greater understanding of the price movements of the different protocols as you look at the article.

Do you have any thoughts based on the results from last week? Or about the experiment in general? We would love to hear your thoughts and your input!

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    • Thomas Stein

      It was mostly a coincidence… it just popped up as a brand new protocol and option, and I liked the employment of the “no-reward” system if you decide to unstake within 10 hours. So, I guessed they might actually have some people actually working on the product and developing, so I decided to give it a chance!

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