The Last Days of American Crime review

The Last Days of American Crime is a brand new Netflix original movie that was released in the start of June 2020. It tells us the story of the USA in which a high-pitched signal is about to go on permanently, causing anyone doing criminal activities to freeze.

The Last Days of American Crime

We are entering the story only one week before the API signal is about to be turned on, and we see a group of criminals getting ready for a last big coup before the signal is on. They are also planning to escape into Canada in order to gleave clear of the signal. But, things are much more complicated and hard than expected.

One thing is actually planning the last coup, but then you have the actual performance of the last coup.

The Last Days of American Crime – could have been good

The movie clearly had potential, but somehow, they managed to ruin it all. I had a little hope as the actual coup started, but this soon turned into stupidity with crazy stunts where everyone should have died a couple of times, and as they manage to cross the border into Canada with a giant truck, who would believe that a car driving through the border is just happily allowed to drive on if they first have managed to get into the land. Of course, they would have been persecuted and followed until they were actually caught. But no, not in The Last Days of American Crime.

Once again, this movie is just pure stupidity and it couldn’t have been much worse than this.

It is sad to see great potential turn into something as crappy as this, but that is what happened in this Netflix original movie. As a result, it doesn’t even deserve a long review, because this is just something to avoid!

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