The Letter for the King – A good streaming choice during the coronavirus!

Netflix is helping people at home find content worth streaming, instead of getting bored. The latest addition on their platform is The Letter for the King, an awesome new series in six parts (season 1).

I have never been a big fan of Game of Thrones, The Witcher, or other similar series. But, I decided to give The Letter for the King a chance, simply because I was curious about this brand new Netflix series that was the most popular on Netflix in my country yesterday. It didn’t take me long to understand that I actually enjoyed this series, and now I look forward to streaming the remaining episodes.

The Letter to the King review

Our main hero is Tiuri, played by Amir Wilson. I immediately recognized this guy, but I didn’t know from where, until I paid IMDb a visit. There I saw that he was playing the main role in His Dark Materials, a BBC series that I watched not so long ago.

But, before you get started with The Letter for the King, you better buckle up and get ready. Sometimes watching TV series such as this might feel overwhelming. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily miss out on details, and not really understand who’s who, who is against who, who is sending the letter, who is the letter meant to be sent to, who is Tiuri, and so on.

The Letter to the King – The plot

If you don’t want any spoilers, then you might want to skip this part. But, if you want some help in understanding the story of The Letter to the King, these few sentences will help you!

The kingdoms of Dagonaut and Unauwen have been friends for a long time. Together, they have fought against the kingdom of Eviellan. But, recently, the youngest son of the king of Uanuwen named Viridian, managed to win against Eviellan. However, this is where the plot starts, he doesn’t seem to be satisfied with this. He wants more, and most likely, this is about the change everything. There is, however, one person who is able to stop this, according to an old prophecy!

The series is built upon the book De brief voor de Koning which is written by Tonke Dragt.

Prince Viridian - Hungry for power!
Prince Viridian, hungry for power in The Letter to the King

The Letter to the King – The first critics

It is always fun to check out the scores of TV shows and movies on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Whenever I see something that I like, it is normally getting poor scores. So, what’s up with The Letter to the King? Well, it has a 5.9/10 score on IMDb, based on almost 2000 ratings. It has a 53% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, while the audience score is 63%. Neither of these numbers are very impressive, but luckily, I don’t care, because I had a great time watching The Letter to the King!

Why is The Letter to the King a good show to stream on Netflix during the coronavirus?

It doesn’t because of a good option because you are bored and simply because YOU HAVE to find something to watch. I would easily watch this on any normal day as well. It is ideal, as each episode lasts about 45 minutes, and it consists of 6 episodes in total. That means you will have 4.5 hours of a great story once you sit down to stream The Letter to the King.

It is also perfect, simply because it is entertaining, it is exciting, and it will enchant you with the screenplay, with the surroundings, with the dark atmosphere, and everything else while you cheer for Tiuri to be able to deliver the letter to the king!

The Letter to the King might remind you of Game of Thrones, and it will also make the Lord of the Rings movies come to your mind (if you have seen them). Not only is this a pure medieval movie, but it also comes with some magic and that spices it all up.

In other words, my suggestion is to give The Letter to the King a chance. I believe this will be one of the biggest hits on Netflix during the coronavirus pandemic, simply because it is good entertainment that makes it worth spending some extra hours in front of the TV.

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Where can you watch The Letter to the King online?

The movie is a Netflix original movie. As a result, you will need a Netflix subscription to watch this series. There is no other place to stream it, meaning that you cannot find it on Hulu, on Amazon Prime, on HBO, or other streaming series. But, if you have a Netflix subscription, you can find it everywhere! There is no need to change your Netflix country for this to work.

Have you seen The Letter to the King? How did you like this Netflix original show? I would love to hear your thoughts. Write a comment and let me know about it!

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