The Rebase-token battle -> Results from week 5 (January 5 – January 12)

We are in the fifth week of our rebase-token battle, which originally started as a battle between 11 different OlympusDAO forks. Since then, we have had to make some changes and we are now including OlympusDAO in the experiment as well. Today, we will take a look at the performance of the different projects for the period between January 5th and January 12th. And let us be clear about it, never have a project been so solely outperforming the others as we have seen HectorDAO do this last week!

the best rebase tokens last week

The concept of the experiment was to invest $1000 in 11 different OlympusDAO forks and then follow the experiment and see which will be the best performing (and worst performing) tokens over time. During the first three weeks of the experiment, Wonderland was the most stable and the only one that kept the initial investment value. Since then, Wonderland has dropped a bit and the current value of the investment is approximately $800.

-> Find all the information you need about the experiment and the protocols involved right here! -<

Last week, HectorDAO was one of the best performing tokens and it was the investment with the highest value (even though it was still in minus, meaning that the overall value was still below the value of the initial investment). But, they are clearly working hard with the product and also with marketing, because this last week has really been fueled up by a rocket-like experience from HectorDAO. If you take a look at the numbers below, you will understand what we mean.

The best performing rebase tokens last week (January 5 – January 12)

December 80.2 ($1000)8.2 ($1000)1.41 ($1000)9.8 ($1000)27 ($1000)2.60 ($1000)1.73 ($1000)51.2 ($1000)
December 150.22 ($687)9.61 ($725)1.69 ($670)11.43 ($627)31.45 ($450)2.88 ($696)1.95 ($769)72.75 ($880)
December 220.25 ($1004)11.10 ($631)1.99 ($510)13 ($459)35.14 ($384)3.18 ($459)2.15 ($626)99 ($321)
December 292.57 ($993)0.28 ($1004)12.78 ($802)2.38 ($337)14.20 ($316)39.62 ($427)3.57 ($447)2.40 ($848)165 ($325)
January 52.86 ($953)0.33 ($888)14.85 ($922)2.80 ($442)14.71 ($373)44.83 ($433)3.82 ($296)134 ($350)2.70 ($605)193 ($400)
January 123.09 ($608)0.37 ($811)16.90 ($1326)3.26 ($348)14.99 ($358)50.66 ($222)4.13 ($429)153 ($168)3.00 ($376)220 ($400)
The text in red is the initial number of tokens bought and the value of the tokens, and it also shows at which date the project was added to the experiment.
  • Original investment: $11,700
  • Current investment value: $5046
the battle of the rebase tokens
Click the image for a high-resolution version of the results from last week.

Some thoughts about the results last week

FortressDAO has been quite stable recently, but early this week they launched their stable coin and since then, the project lost its stability and has dropped from $10 to below $5 in value. MagnetDAO might very well be yet another crappy rebase project, but we will give the project some time to prove otherwise. Besides that, it has been a very red week in general for crypto, and that can easily be seen with the rebase tokens as well. OlympusDAO has dropped from a price above $300 to below $200 in less than a week, Wonderland has remained quite stable, KLIMA has had a terrible week.

The only two well-performing tokens have been GYRO (who still needs a big boost in order to even get close to the initial investment value), and then you have, in a class for itself, HectorDAO. HEC was the best performing token last week as well, but not only has it increased almost 50% in total value, but it has also pushed itself way past the initial investment value of $1000. And seeing all the work being done with the protocol and the engagement of the community, this is one of the investments we feel very safe about. It should also be mentioned that they have voted for a serious decrease in the APY, meaning that within a few weeks, the APY should stability around 10,000% (which is very low compared to the APY used by the protocol until now).

We removed Metaverse from the experiment last week, and we are still considering whether we should add a new one or not. RedactedDAO is on our radar, and then we also have WOX on our radar (a project nearly unheard of). The latter will be the first OHM fork to launch on Tron, and it might turn out to be an interesting concept.

January 13th update
Based on the many comments and responses we have received since this article was published, we will include [REDACTED] Cartel, Fantohm, and Invictus in this experiment, meaning that you will see their results showing up already next week!

Tokens that have been removed from the experiment

We have had to make quite a lot of changes to the experiment since its origin. For that reason, the following tokens are no longer part of the experiment:

  • Jade Protocol: Stopped functioning as a rebase token (and it was a mess). Investment went from $1000 to approximately $100 in value before leaving.
  • TaiChi: Rugged. From $1000 to $0.
  • Metaverse: Stopped working and will rebrand on Ethereum later. Original investment of $350 went to $150 in less than a week.
  • SnowbankDAO: Stopped functioning as a rebase token. Investment went from $1000 to $993 (almost no loss at all).

Do you have any thoughts or comments?

What are your thoughts about the market and this experiment? Do you believe HectorDAO will be able to keep it up, or will the token dump soon? Will KlimaDAO finally wake up, and what about OlympusDAO? Will it rise again like it did last autumn (it dropped from $1000 to $250 before it once again went to more than $1000)? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments and questions!

18 thoughts on “The Rebase-token battle -> Results from week 5 (January 5 – January 12)

  1. Hrvoje Patafta says:

    Verry good comparison. Belive that Hector will be good long term investment. But how did you miss GG, galaxygoggle? Think that combeback is powerfull. Wold like to see it on your list.
    Stay healthy and positive

    • Thomas Stein says:

      There are so many projects that could be included, thank you for the suggestion and glad that you enjoyed the article! Make sure to check back next week for a new update to the experiment! 🙂

  2. Park says:

    $Jade is a mess indeed. Lost significant amount. They messsed SMRTr also with fake promises. Not to trust as they for the sake of experimenting, experiment at the cost of innocent people

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Haven’t heard much about it. In general, I am careful with brand new projects that often pump, and then dump very hard… but I now see that NemesisDAO has been around for a while, they have been through a giant pump, and now we are back at what might be the bottom again. However, as this experiment clearly shows, the winners are those with big teams, great developers, and a vibrant community, so I will have to look into those as well before I make any further steps here.

  3. mfajaro says:

    Thanks for the article! HectorDao is killing it! Very excited about their future projects. MidasDao on Avalanche is the only other Dao that I feel is making great moves. They have 4x-ed in the last week!

  4. LH says:

    Very good comparison. I’d also like to see your opinion regarding Minotaur.Money. They are less than a week old on the cronos network. However, they have a very unique rewards program and some additional measures to reduce dumping.

  5. Marcellus says:

    I agree. Of the 8 DAOs that I hedged against each other, Hector was 1 of 3 that was in the green when I checked on 1/11/2022. The other two that were in the green were Euphoria (on Harmony) and Templar Finance (on BSC). Since I’m in them in diamond hands, hopefully in 6 months to a year, the compounding on all (even the ones in the red right now) will have good returns.

  6. Rob says:

    Hi Thomas, thanks for a great article. Hector looks very promising, good leadership/community and plans to build an ecosystem like Time Wonderland (Hector Bank launching Jan 22). Look forward to thoughts on Redacted. May be worth looking at Invictus DAO – first on Solana, stable price and some interesting plans for the future.

  7. Doja says:

    This is the 2nd article I’ve seen that seems to skip over InvictusDAO on the Solana blockchain? Nearly 100m MCap DAO already offering Bond-as-a-Service to other Solana protocols.

  8. Jon says:

    You could add the prxy Dao. Apy is trying to remain at a steady 2700, took a bit of a dive due to coins caught up on a bad exchange, but the project is big with utility behind the asset.

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