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This just gets uglier and uglier! The rebase token battle (February 23rd – March 2nd)

Every single week we are publishing reports about the status of our rebase-token battle/experiment. Truth be told, it is a quite depressing experiment, not only because the numbers are bad, but because it feels as if people are forgetting more about the rebase tokens and it feels as if this was a trend that people have entirely stopped thinking about. What does it mean? The tokens and the projects are still alive, but people seem to invest their money elsewhere.

Even though almost all projects have lowered their APYs heavily, the emission of new tokens is still so high that they are incapable of keeping the price at a certain level, simply because the number of new buyers remains too low.

But, what has happened in the last seven days? We originally invested more than $10,000 in different rebase-token protocols, and today, the tokens are valued at approximately $2500 (and then the rebase awards are counted into the current value).

As you can see in our main article on the experiment, the best performing tokens at the moment are Invictus and Hector Finance, but they are still down approximately 60% compared to the value of our initial investment.

The worst performers at the moment are OlympusDAO, Euphoria Money (WAGMI), and KlimaDAO, all down more than 80% compared to our initial investment amount.

What has happened in the last seven days

We have often seen the protocols perform well one week, followed by a bad week, followed by a good week, and then yet another bad week. However, the general standard is that the negatives are way bigger and longer-lasting than the positive curves.

rebase tokens end of february 2022

As you can see, the last week has been quite negative, with a few exceptions such as SpartacusDAO, Wonderland, and WAGMI. Those positives are however so small, that they do not really help them in the overall picture. The biggest surprise is probably that the giant OHM is suffering as much as it does. We did think that the mother of them all would also be the most stable of them all, but that doesn’t seem to be true in this case.

What does the future hold for the rebase-tokens? We don’t really know, but the way we see the crypto landscape at the moment, we don’t see a lot of things suggesting that they are in for a big rebound.

What are your thoughts about the future of the different rebase tokens? Are you positive? Do you believe any of them will manage to break out and stand out in the crowd?

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