Three Ryan Reynolds movies that will make the adrenaline pump in your body while in coronavirus quarantine!

Yesterday I spoke to a family member who is going crazy (almost) because he has to spend all his days inside in a 60m2 flat. So, what can you do if you are about to run crazy and you just long for some adrenaline to pump around in your body? A good movie might help you for a few hours, at least! Are you in for three good suggestions? Here you have them!

It can clearly be seen that lots of people are inside streaming movies on Netflix and other streaming services all day. That is why Netflix is lagging at times, and it can also be experienced if you plan on using a VPN to stream Netflix content. What do I mean? Many VPN providers that haven’t had trouble with slow servers before are in great trouble nowadays. Why? Because way more people use the services than on a normal day. That is why it is important to purchase a VPN subscription to a fast VPN provider that encrypts your online activity, and also unblocks Netflix and other streaming services for you, without slowing down your Internet connection too much. But, which are those three movies that will bring some adrenaline to your body? Here you go!

6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds is an actor I really enjoy. I might not be a big fan of all his movies, but still, he has a humor and a cool face, and it is hard not to like the guy. So, even though I didn’t become an immediate favorite of the Deadpool movies, he was still awesome in that role!

It might sound strange, but 6 Underground is not at all a favorite movie of mine. It is a Netflix original movie, meaning that a Netflix subscription is required for you to be able to stream the movie. But, if you have a Netflix subscription, simply visit Netflix and stream the movie immediately. You don’t even need to change your Netflix country since the movie is available on Netflix everywhere. However, it was almost boring. But, that is because I don’t like crazy car hunts. Still, 6 Underground has got to be one of the most intense movies I have seen in the last years. From the first minute of the movie, until the story comes to an end, it is packed with adrenaline, action, car-hunts, and everything you would expect from a crazy movie like this one. It is really true… there is no stop to the adrenaline in this movie.

6 Underground on Netflix

So, if you want just action upon action upon action, combined with the humor of Ryan Reynolds, then this might be the movie for you to watch to give your body an adrenaline pump!

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Maybe I didn’t like 6 Underground so much, but I love The Hitman’s Bodyguard. This is just one crazy adrenaline kick, and not only is it packed with action, but you will also laugh your way through the entire movie. Ryan Reynolds is awesome, but you will for sure enjoy the company of Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek as well. This trio is making up one of the funniest action movies I have ever seen in this movie.

I am watching The Hitman's Bodyguard on Canadian Netflix
I am watching The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Canadian Netflix

Can you imagine what it is like for Ryan Reynolds as he is forced to protect a hitman, played by Samuel L. Jackson. It doesn’t make things easier that the hitman is a total freak, and he doesn’t listen to anyone. To be honest, just by writing about the movie, I feel like watching it over again. So, if you haven’t seen The Hitman’s Bodyguard yet, go ahead and watch it immediately. You can watch the movie on Netflix in certain countries, and you can also buy it in your Google Play Store, Apple Store, or any other place where you normally rent or buy movies.

And some good news to those of you in love with this movie… Ryan Reynolds is currently working on a new movie, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Guess who will return to the screen? Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson, and they will also be accompanied by Antonio Banders and Morgan Freeman. The movie was supposed to be released in 2020, but it might be delayed now due to the coronavirus.


It would be impossible to make a list of Ryan Reynolds movies with lots of testosterone and adrenaline without mentioning the Deadpool movies. They are brutal and violent, and that is why they all got the R-rating in the United States. But, since Disney bought Fox, they had to make a fairy-tale version of it all, and that is how we ended up getting the Once Upon a Time a Deadpool. That was the first Deadpool movie without an R-rating. And right now, they are working on Deadpool 3. What rating will they give that movie? We don’t know yet, but time will show!

Ryan Reynolds is playing the role of a guy who got really injured and his face looks terrible. But, he decides to take part in an experiment, and that is how he ends up becoming Deadpool. Are you a fan of super-hero movies? This is yet another movie with a super-hero, but Deadpool still feels very different from characters such as Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Aquaman, Shazam, and all those other heroes we have learned to love in the last decade.


You can watch the first Deadpool movie on Netflix in Germany and in Singapore, and some more countries. If you cannot find it or want to watch some to the other Deadpool movies, go and rent it or purchase it in your local Google Store, Amazon Store, or Apple Store instead.

I hope these suggestions will help you get some adrenaline and testosterone back in your body. If you do some push-ups while watching, you will also strengthen your body and boost your energy even more!

Take care and stay safe. If you want even more movie suggestions for your coronavirus quarantine, check this list.

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