Top 3 ways to watch abroad

Do you have a subscription and want to watch it while abroad? Living abroad and want to watch Here are the top 3 ways to watch from abroad.

Before describing the best three ways to watch Fubo TV abroad, let us show you an error message that you might have seen already.

The first problem with watching Fubo TV abroad

The first problem you will face if you try to watch Fubo TV abroad is that the website is unavailable. You will most likely see an error message looking something like this:

Error message when you try to watch Fubo TV abroad
Error message when you try to watch Fubo TV abroad

If you see the error message, keep on reading, because you are about to get rid of it, so that you can enjoy Fubo TV from all across the world instead.

Watch beIN sports online
With a subscription you can for example watch beIN sports!

As you can see on the screenshot above we are watching from abroad (in Europe) and it works really smooth. To be able to enjoy your membership and watch the live streams or maybe some program you have recorded then you will need to give the website the impression that you are in the United States (or sometimes in Canada) because their streams are only available to people actually located in the United States. So, we will here tell you the top 3 ways to watch in Europe and on all the other continents!

Fubo TV also in Canada
Since September 2016 Fubo TV is also available in Canada. To watch Fubo TV in Canada you need a subscription to Fubo TV in Canada. The same subscription can not be used in Canada and in the US. To sign up for Canadian Fubo TV use IPVanish as mentioned beneath and connect to a server in Canada. You can then sign up for the Canadian Fubo TV and start watching!

Best 3 ways to watch abroad

Watch using IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the best VPN providers on the market with fantastic prices and great apps available for Windows, Android devices and iOS devices. That means they will help you get access to and to watch on whatever platform you want to watch it. In Windows you simply install IPVanish, connect to a server in the USA using the IPVanish client and you can visit the website at once and start watching.


Watch using Unlocator

Overplay is a SmartDNS and a VPN provider. The SmartDNS service is sometimes faster than a VPN service, but it is not giving you the safety and encryption that a VPN connection does and it needs for you to change actual network settings on your computer. It is a bit more complicated to setup, but once you have it working it is really smooth.

Unlocator(start your free trial today)

Watch using PureVPN

PureVPN is a VPN provider much like IPVanish. They have often been debated and received lots of negative comments about them, but they are getting better and should be a good option to IPVanish in case you want want to use some other provider. They also have applications available for all platforms and work the same way as IPVanish.


Get ready to watch abroad

As you have followed the instructions and chosen which of the three methods you want to use to watch online outside the USA you should be ready to watch right now. If you do not have a subscription yet then it is good to know that the first 7 days are completely free and after that you can enjoy a subscription from 9,99USD a month. The most expensive package including all football leagues currently cost 35 USD a month. This will give you access to lots of sports channels around the world and you will as a result be able to stream the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, La Liga, Eredivisie, Primeira Liga, MLS, Liga MX and also the Europe League and the Champions League online.

Currently the price for the Premier package is 35 USD, but it might increase to 50 USD in the near future.

watch univision deportes on fubo tv
With your subscription you can watch Univision Deportes as well!

Do like us and get yourself a subscription. If you have any comments or questions related to watching from abroad or similar topics use the comment field beneath.

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2 thoughts on “Top 3 ways to watch abroad

  1. William says:

    Do I need an American payment card to sign up for Fubo TV, or can I just use my European VISA card. Is that enough? Please tell me!

    • Hey there William,
      You do not need an American bank issued payment card to watch FUbo TV, but it seems that most available VISA and MasterCards from across the world can be used.

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