Watch Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich online (German Super Cup 2017)

On August 5th the German Super Cup will be played between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München. The two best teams in Germany will for sure be eager to win this match.

Bayern München has had a terrible preparation for the season. They have lost several games, and the worst result was their 4-0 loss against AC Milan.  Borussia Dortmund hasn’t played lots of exciting matches this summer. The German Super Cup final will be an easy way to find their status quo two weeks before the Bundesliga kick-off.

German Super Cup online
Watch the German Super Cup online – By Ververidis Vasilis / Shutterstock

Based on the pre-season results, we might say that BVB will win this match. But, Bayern München has probably played softball throughout the summer to avoid injuries. When the real Bundesliga matches start, they will for sure be playing at 110% again.

How to watch the German Super Cup final online?

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Do not forget that Ligue 1 in France has its kick-off already on August 4th, meaning that you can already stream Ligue 1 matches on FuboTV.

Does it sound cool? Find out more about how you can stream FuboTV online outside the USA in this article.

Will BVB or Bayern München win?

We cheer for BVB, but we are not convinced that they will win the match. What do you think?


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