Where can I stream CPL (Caribbean Premier League) online?

Cricket fans all across the world are curious to find out what’s going on in the Caribbean Premier League. This is how you can watch CPL online if you want to stay up to date!

Watch Caribbean Premier League online

There are quite a lot of TV channels available that will broadcast the different matches playing during the Caribbean Premier League. If you do not know what this is about, then we can tell you that we are speaking about a great cricket tournament. You can watch the different Caribbean Premier League matches at One World Sports, and here you can see the full schedule of matches:

Caribbean Premier League schedule

05, VII. 57:00 DUCPLTridents vs. Patriots
07, VII. 77:00 DUCPLTallawahs vs. Warriors
09, VII. 912:00 DUCPLPatriots vs. Warriors
10, VII. 107:00 DUCPLKnight Riders vs. Warriors
11, VII. 118:00 DUCPLTallawahs vs. Tridents
12, VII. 127:00 DUCPLZouks vs. Warriors
15, VII. 159:00 DUCPLWarriors vs. Tallawahs
16, VII. 167:00 DUCPLPatriots vs. Tallawahs
17, VII. 177:00 DUCPLZouks vs. Tridents
18, VII. 189:00 DUCPLKnight Riders vs. Tallawahs
20, VII. 209:00 DUCPLTridents vs. Tallawahs
21, VII. 216:00 DUCPLPatriots vs. Zouks
23, VII. 237:30 DUNASLTampa Bay Rowdies vs New York Cosmos
24, VII. 245:00 DUCPLWarriors vs. Zouks
26, VII. 266:00 DUCPLKnight Riders vs. Zouks
28, VII. 287:00 DUCPLTridents vs. Warriors
29, VII. 297:00 DUCPLKnight Riders vs. Patriots
30, VII. 3012:00 DUCPLTallawahs vs. Zouks
30, VII. 304:00 DUCPLWarriors vs. Tridents
31, VII. 3112:00 DUCPLPatriots vs. Knight Riders
31, VII. 314:00 DUCPLZouks vs. Tallawahs

The question you might ask right now is how you can get access to these matches and TV streas from where you are currently at in the world? It is very easy, and what you need is to do as follows:

This is how you can watch the Caribbean Premier League online

You can get access to One World Sports with a subscription to fubo.tv. This is an online platform for streaming lots of great TV channels and sports channels online and you even get access to the first 24 hours completely for free.

If you are located outside the United States you will also need an American IP address in order to watch fubo.tv, but if this is your goal then you can read more about how you can get access to fubo.tv outside the US by pressing the link.

So, now you now how it can be done, and do not forget that this is a brilliant way to watch it as you will get access to real TV streams with real commentators, without spam and pop-ups and in addition you will not only be able to watch the Caribbean Premier League online, but you will also get access and the chance to watch the Major League Soccer online and quite a lot of European top leagues.

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