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How to watch Fubo TV on Apple TV abroad?

Fubo TV application for Apple TV
Fubo TV application for Apple TV

We have written lots of articles about the greatness of Fubo TV. But, how can you stream Fubo TV on your Apple TV (Fire TV, Roku) if you are outside the United States?

If you are a fan of streaming sports, then Fubo TV is the number one platform to do so. This is the place where you can watch all the top football leagues in Europe and the most important club tournaments like the Europe League, Champions League and the FA Cup online, and you get all this for an amazing price. It is no wonder why people all across Europe and all across the world search online to find out how they can use this magnificent service outside the US. That is why we have already written an article telling you how to stream Fubo TV in Europe, but if you want to use it on Apple TV, there are other things that needs to be done.

This is how to stream Fubo TV on Apple TV (Fire TV, Roku) abroad!

We are just about to tell you how you can watch Fubo TV on your Apple TV from abroad, but we just wanted to tell you that you can use the same instructions to watch Fubo TV on your Fire TV or Roku or similar streaming devices from abroad.

What you first of all need is a subscription to Unlocator.

Unlocator(start your free trial today)

Visit the Unlocator website by clicking the button above and sign up for a seven day free trial. Once you have signed up by giving them your email address you need to setup Unlocator on your streaming device or at your router. If you use an Apple TV it is very easy and you only need to enter two DNS addresses provided by Unlocator to your Apple TV setup. It is done in a few seconds, and after that you should be ready to go, and you can now stream Fubo TV on your Apple TV from all across the world.

If you use an Amazon Fire TV (Stick) it is a bit more complicated, but at the Unlocator website they have detailed instructions on how this can be done on all sorts of devices, so there is no need to worry!

Do you have an American Apple ID?

What might cause a greater problem is the need for an American Apple ID in order to actually download the Fubo TV application to your Apple TV. If you have a German Apple ID, you will only get access to the German Apple store, and in that store you will not find the Fubo TV app. You will therefore need an American Apple ID, in order to download the Fubo TV app from the American Apple Store.  We have already written an article on how to get an American Apple ID, so if that should cause any trouble for you, go ahead and read that article.

You are now ready to watch Fubo TV on your Apple TV outside the USA

You should now be ready to watch Fubo TV on your Apple TV from abroad. If you have any comments or questions related to this, just use the comment field beneath. We would love to help you out, so just ask your question. If you have tried this and it worked for you, write a comment to say how grateful you are for us helping you out with this article!

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