Where to watch Italy vs Spain online?

The World Cup qualifiers are coming at us and the highlight on October 6th is the match between Italy and Spain. Do you wonder where to watch Italy vs Spain online?

There is little doubt about the fact that the football enthusiasts around the world will look to Turin and Italy to watch Italy vs Spain on October 6th. This is the Euro 2016  knockout stage match repeating itself. In Euro 2016 Italy managed to beat Spain 2-0, but can they do so again? Can they keep the spirit up in the team even without Conte as coach? And can Spain with their new coach get back among the best teams in the world again?

Watch Italy vs Spain online on October 6th
From Italy vs Spain during Euro 2016 – Marco Iacobucci EPP / Shutterstock.com

Both Italy and Spain will be eager to win this match. The easiest way to get to the World Cup 2018 in Russia is by far by winning the group. The best teams on second place will have to go into a knockout stage against another second place team. In other words, both Spain and Italy will want to end up as number one.

Watch Italy vs Spain online

There are for sure many channels worldwide which will broadcast the match between Italy and Spain. If you want to watch it for free online the best way is however by watching it on Rai TV in Italy. Their TV stream is free, the only requirement is that you have an Italian IP address. The consequence is that you need to either be located in Italy, or use the VPN services of IPVanish in order to get yourself an Italian IP address, which again will make you able to watch Italy vs Spain online on Rai TV.


If you click the button above you can visit the IPVanish website, sign up and download their VPN client to your computer. All you need to do then is to connect to a server in Italy and at once you will have your Italian IP address. Visit the Rai TV website and watch Italy vs Spain online on Rai from abroad.

[stbpro id=”info”]If you do not like IPVanish or you are not satisfied then you can ask for a full refund of your money the first seven days after making your purchase.[/stbpro]

There are other options as well if you want to watch Italy vs Spain online, but those will cost you much more money.

Are you ready to watch Italy vs Spain online? Have you got any questions? Which team do you cheer for?

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