Watch Liverpool – Manchester United online

On October 19th it is time for Liverpool to play against Manchester United at Anfield Road. This is how you can watch Liverpool – Manchester United online!

There are few matches in the Premier League as the matches between Liverpool and Manchester United. After seven matches so far this season Liverpool has 16 points (from a maximum of 21) while Manchester United has 13 points (from a maximum of 21 points). If Liverpool should win this match then Jose Mourinho and his team will get quite far away from the top, so for them this is a very important match.

For Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool the match against Manchester United is crucial as well. With a victory they will take steps towards the very top of the Premier League. Based on the performance of the teams in their previous matches we consider Liverpool to be favorites in this match. After a good start Manchester United has gotten into trouble, and it is not just playing for England that Wayne Rooney is having a hard time. He has not really succeeded for Manchester United either this season. Paul Pogba costed lots of money, but he has not really turned into  a big hit either. Zlatan has scored some goals, but many people expect more Zlatan miracles to arrive. Maybe in the match against Liverpool?

Watch Liverpool – Manchester United online

If you want to watch Liverpool – Manchester United online on October 19th, then there are several ways in which you can do so! Here are a list of some of the broadcasters showing the match. If you press the links you will find out more about how you can acess and watch those streams online, and thus watch the Premier League online.

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Liverpool vs Manchester United broadcasters

These are three brilliant broadcasters that will show the match between Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho online. Do you want to watch the match as well? Which team do you believe will win?

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