Webmin/Virtualmin ports 10000 and 20000 blocked by Cloudflare. What to do?

Are you running different websites with Webmin/Virtualmin? Since you are reading this article, you probably are! Have you just decided to use Cloudflare as your DNS provider, but suddenly you discovered that you cannot access port 10000 and 20000 after setting Cloudflare as your DNS provider? What can you do to solve the problem?

What is causing this problem in the first place?

Cloudflare only accepts traffic on certain ports. There is more liberty if you use a more expensive Cloudflare package, but with the free version, there are only a few ports you are allowed to use. It shouldn’t surprise you that port 10000 and 20000 cannot be found on that list.

So, what can you do to access the Webmin (control panel) and the Usermin (webmail and more) panel while using the DNS services from Cloudflare? It is easier than you think!

Access Webmin and Usermin while using Cloudflare.

The first thing you need is to connect to port 10000 on your server. How can you do that if Cloudflare blocks that port? Connect to the IP address of the server instead of the domain name. If you would normally connect to coolestdomainname.org:10000, then you now connect to (if that is the IP address of the server hosting Webmin/Virtualmin). Don’t you know the IP address of the server? You can find the IP address on the control panel of your VPS provider. You can also check the DNS settings in the Cloudflare panel, where you can see the real IP address of the server. A third option is to run the command “ping coolestdomainname.org” in the command line. If you use the proxy solution that hides the real IP address of the server in Cloudflare, the IP address you see here is not the correct address.

When you have logged onto the Webmin/Virtualmin interface, do the following.

  • Choose Webmin – Webmin.
  • Choose Webmin configuration.
  • Select Ports and Addresses.
  • Change port 10000 to 8443.
  • Save (this might take some seconds).
  • Restart Webmin.
change port in virtualmin/webmin
restart webmin

When this is done, you can use the domain name to access the Webmin interface once again. Do not forget you now need to use port 8443 instead of 10000. The new address is coolestdomainname.org:8443.

To fix this with the Usermin interface, follow these instructions.

  • Webmin – Webmin.
  • Usermin Configuration.
  • Ports and addresses.
  • Change port 2000 to 2096.
  • Save.
  • Restart Usermin.
port 20000 with cloudflare

You are now ready to connect to the Usermin interface also, and Cloudflare will not cause any more trouble for you. The new Usermin login address is coolestdomainname.org:2096.

I hope this has solved your problems. If it has helped you, write a comment and let me know. If you have further questions, write a comment below.

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