What is the difference between Steem and Hive?

Have you heard about Steem and Hive? Do the pages look similar and feel similar? But, what is then the difference between Hive and Steem?

I will answer the question in a simple way. Steem is the name of a blockchain, and it stores information and awards content creators. You can publish content to the Steem blockchain through several dApps, whereof Steemit might be the most famous. When you have published content, other registered users on the platform can vote for your content, and this will give you a payment for your work. The more votes you get, the more you will earn. As a result, this is a publishing platform that might give you a nice income for what you produce, not like Medium and other platforms.

You will receive payment for your content in Steem tokens (Steem), or in Steem Dollar tokens (SBD). These are cryptocurrencies that you later can trade for Bitcoin, USD or other currencies.

HIVE vs Steem

What is Hive? What is the difference?

In February/March 2020, a little revolution took place on the Steem platform. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, suddenly bought Steemit and took control of the platform. Many people felt bad about this, and many said they wanted no more to do with the Steem/Steemit platform. That is why they decided to perform a hard-fork. What is that?

A hard-fork is when they split a blockchain in two. After the hard-fork, the chain continues, but in two different directions. This happened on March 20th, and since then, Steem and Hive are two different blockchains. They are completely similar until the actual fork on March 20th, but since then, they are operating as different platforms, with different leadership, and content published on Hive will not be published on Steem (and vice versa).

Hive also has its own tokens, HIVE and Hive Backed Dollar (HBD). You can trade these tokens on Bittrex.

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Steem vs. Hive – Which one to choose?

Both platforms are mostly the same. They are built on the same foundation, they work in the same way, but they have different leaderships. Some call Steem a Justin Sun dictatorship, while Hive is the place of freedom. That definition will, however, not be accepted by the people who prefer Steem to Hive.

But, for you as a blogger, writer, publisher – the platforms are mostly the same. Go for the one that you prefer!

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