What is the Earning Cap in STEPN? How does it work? How to increase your GST Earning Cap?

Are you using STEPN? Have you been using it for a while, or maybe you are using it for the first time? Have you seen the bar named Earning Cap, but you do not entirely understand what it is all about? In this article, we will explain to you what the Earning Cap in STEPN is all about.

We have already written lots of articles about STEPN in the IP Address Guide, so make sure to look around for more interesting articles. The biggest of them all is our beginners’ guide to STEPN in which we explain lots of basic principles and give help to anyone who wants to get started with STEPN.

But, let us take a closer look at the Earning Cap.

What is the STEPN Earning Cap?

It isn’t very hard, at least not if you understand it. The earning cap is the cap for how much you can earn in one day with STEPN. In other words, it is the roof, the maximum…

stepn earning cap

Above you can see that there is an earning cap of 45 GST per day for the account above. This is a daily cap, meaning that it will be reset every single day.

It will also be reset whenever you level up your sneaker because it is important to understand that the sneaker with the highest level in your wallet is what decides the daily earnings cap.

How your sneaker level will influence your daily earning cap (GST)

Below you can see a table showing you how the level of your highest leveled sneaker will influence your daily GST (earning) cap.

earnings cap stepn

If you remember the first image, you might have seen that I have an earning cap of 45 GST per day. What do you make of that? The highest leveled sneaker in my wallet is a level 8 sneaker.

How to increase the Daily Earning Cap on STEPN?

Have you reached the daily energy cap on STEPN? There are two things you can do to increase it.

  • You can level up your sneaker with the highest level. This can be done until you have a sneaker at level 30, meaning that your earning cap is at 300 GST. When this is reached, the only solution is the following.
  • You can pay a fee in GMT to increase your earning cap. This is a one-time cost that will boost your earning cap. Below you can see the prices in GMT for increasing your daily earning cap on STEPN.
New cap (GST)Cost (GMT)Total Cost (GMT)
300 -> 320 (20 increase)300300
320 -> 340 (20 increase)420720
340 -> 360 (20 increase)5401260
360 -> 380 (20 increase)6601920
380 -> 400 (20 increase)7802700
400 -> 420 (20 increase)9003600
420 -> 440 (20 increase)10004600
440 -> 460 (20 increase)10005600
580 -> 600100012600

As you can see, if you want to increase your GST daily earning cap to 600 (assuming you have a level 30 sneaker in your wallet), you will have to spend 12,600 GMT in order to boost it to 600.

That is how the earning cap will influence your daily earnings, and it is also what might make it important to level up your sneakers, in order to increase this level.

The earning cap will not cause trouble for many people, because it is in the interest of all STEPN users to level up their favorite sneaker in order to earn more. As long as you run with 2 or 4 Energy per day, you will have a hard time surpassing your daily earning cap as long as your shoe is level 5 or more (which it definitely should be).

If you have money for even nine sneakers (in order to get 9 Energy and 45 minutes of exercise per day), then you should be able to earn approximately 45 GST per day, meaning that a level 10 sneaker should be more than enough. And believe me, if you have money to have 9 sneakers in your wallet, then the tiniest problem should be to upgrade at least one of them to level 10.

Has this article helped you? Do you have further questions about STEPN, the earnings cap, or something else? Use the comment field below!

2 thoughts on “What is the Earning Cap in STEPN? How does it work? How to increase your GST Earning Cap?

  1. Danystatic says:

    Man, I transferred shoes to my girls account yesterday, and we both leveled up, and we still have oir GST earning cap topped up, we are running now but no GST. How can we reset it? We already leveled up, we a are hoping tomorrow it could reset. I’ll take it as an easy day, since I’ve been running daily.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Yes, it will update daily, so just hang in there and check it today instead. Also, if you spend more GST than your daily earning cap, there should be a chance to pay in order to increase the size of your earning cap by clicking the earning cap bar!

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