What is the number of known states for the Ethereum blockchain right now?

Are you running an Ethereum node? Would you like to run an Ethereum node? What is the number of known states right now? If you ask that question, you are most likely in the process of synchronizing your Ethereum node, and you are wondering whether or not the syncing will ever come to an end! Well, you are not the only one who has asked that question, and there are thousands of people who will ask it after you. So, what is the number of known states for Ethereum right now?

First of all, it is important to know that the number of known states that you need to get through before the syncing will come to an end, is changing all the time. It is getting bigger and bigger, but at the time writing this article, the number is somewhere around 630000000. Below you can see some tests I did during a syncing process, and you can see that my last test ended up with “false”, meaning that my node was fully synced. Before I reached fully synced, the last number I could see was 627647668.

known states ethereum
Known States Ethereum – a part of synchronizing your Ethereum Node

But, you will be amazed to hear that I was trying to sync another Ethereum node on a Raspberry Pi, and do you know what number it reached? 70000000! And it didn’t finish. I stopped it after three weeks. Do you know why?

As you try to sync the node on a slow device (like my Raspberry Pi), it gives you messages like “pivot became stale” and it has to start kind of over and over again. This makes the syncing process take a longer time and it also make the number of known states turn bigger and bigger (even though the actual number might be smaller).

In other words, you need to use a fast enough device, because if not, you might be stuck and never really manage to synchronize your Ethereum node.

So, how long time does it take to synchronize an Ethereum node? Click the link to find more information. But, it will very much depend on the device you are using or the VPS or server that you are renting. The faster the Internet connect, the faster the SSD (hard drive), the better the CPU and the memory, the faster it will go! It might take as little as 4-6 hours, and it might take a couple of weeks.

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