What to expect from This Is Us season 4?

The fourth season of This Is Us will premiere in exactly seven days from now. What can we expect from the fourth season? I guess NBC wants to prepare us, and they do it in a very special way. In fact, they say that if you think you know what will happen in This Is Us season 4, you do not know This Is Us.

Together with this teasing text, they also show a few clips from the upcoming fourth season. I didn’t really watch the third season of the show, so I do not know what happened. But, I do have a feeling that they will introduce some new interesting characters in the fourth season, giving some new sides and ways to learn more about the Pearson clan.

If you take a look at the This Is Us promo above, you will get to see some clips from the upcoming season. The military person looks interesting and one I do not remember from the second season. She might have been a part of season 3, but I have a feeling she is a brand new character that will bring new excitement and drama to the fourth season of the show. And once again, this is what NBC has to say about This Is Us season 4:

If you think you know what’s coming next,
you don’t know us.

So, if you believe that you know what’s coming and what to expect before the This Is Us season 4 premiere, I guess you should prepare for some surprises. I wouldn’t mind it myself, and even though I do not watch the show anymore, this promo actually made me interested. Maybe I should get started streaming This Is Us season 3 on Netflix immediately, and then in one week from now, I can stand ready to start with season 4 as well?

When will This Is Us season 4 come to Netflix?

If you are waiting for This Is Us season 4 to come to Netflix, you will for sure have to wait for a very long time. In fact, you will most likely have to wait for exactly one year. Until now, Canadian Netflix has always given access to the last This Is Us season at the same time NBC has started airing the following season in the United States. So, my guess is that This Is Us season 4 will come to Netflix exactly when NBC decides to premiere This Is Us season 5 on TV in the United States.

Get readz for This Is Us season 4
Get ready for This Is Us season 4

Can I watch This Is Us season 4 on the NBC website?

If you live in the United States, you can watch the most recent episodes of This Is Us at the NBC website. You will be interrupted by ads from time to time, but it is possible to stream them. Normally NBC will let the three newest episodes remain available at the website, meaning that you have to constantly watch because if not, the episodes will be gone by the time you get to the NBC website.

There is no lock on the episodes, but you might have to register a free user at the NBC website for this to work. If you live abroad, you can follow my instructions on how to watch NBC abroad in this article.

Get ready for September 24th, that is when the brand new season will start. And because a lot of things will happen in the first episode, NBC has made an extended premiere event. In other words, it will last longer than the normal episodes, just to make sure that you get all the information you need to get to be well prepared and eager to watch the upcoming episodes of This Is Us season 4.

We will have to wait for a longer time for many other NBC shows!

This Is Us is only one out of many awesome NBC shows. After FOX canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC continued the thread and we are now waiting for the seventh season of the show. Most likely, it will only premiere on NBC in the start of 2020, but nothing has been said yet. We also have to wait for a while to get the final season of Blindspot, a show that was canceled, but NBC has now decided to give us the fifth and final season fo the show. Manifest is a quite new NBC show that premiered last year, and the first season became a big success. The second season was only renewed in May 2019, making most people believe that we will have to wait until the start of 2020 to get the new season served in our homes.

But, we can all stream This Is Us online while waiting, so enjoy This Is Us season 4!

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